Bill & Ted 3 Would Bring Back William Sadler as Death

Keanu Reeves, William Sadler and Alex Winter in Bill and Ted.

Screenwriter Ed Solomon reveals that Bill and Ted 3 would bring back William Sadler's scene-stealing Death. Solomon also recently shared plot details on the long-awaited Bill and Ted sequel, teasing the movie's time-hopping escapades. Unfortunately, as of now, the film remains in the writing stage and has yet to secure financing.

Released in 1989, the original Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure tapped into slacker culture to deliver a clever riff on Back to the Future. Reeves and Winter starred as a pair of California dudes using a time-traveling phone booth to visit previous centuries and bring back famous figures from the past - all so they could pass history class, graduate from high school, and fulfill their destinies as messianic rock stars. A 1991 sequel, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, saw the would-be rockers teaming up with Death himself to defeat robots sent back from the future to derail their time-line.

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Writer Ed Solomon has now revealed that he and co-writer Chris Matheson have written Death into the script for Bill and Ted 3. In a tweet thread, Solomon discussed the recent interview where he teased the plot of Bill and Ted 3. Death actor William Sadler jumped in on the conversation, noting that he's "keeping his bony fingers crossed" that a sequel will happen. Solomon responded with the revelation that Sadler's role is waiting for him should the movie ever come to fruition. See the tweet below.

Bill CRUSHED it as Death. And we laughed a lot writing him in BT3 - so let’s hope it’s something that happens

— Ed Solomon (@ed_solomon) February 18, 2018

Sadler's performance in Bogus Journey was of course a deliberate - and quite hilarious - homage to Bengt Ekerot's performance as Death in Ingmar Bergman's classic The Seventh Seal. In Bergman's film, knight Max Von Sydow plays a chess game with Death he knows he can't win. But things turn out differently for Bill and Ted when they challenge Death at various games including Clue and Battleship. Bill and Ted in fact defeat Death, and he becomes their partner in crime. Bergman's obvious point in Seventh Seal was that ultimately no one can defeat Death. But then, he never met Bill and Ted.

Solomon previously revealed that Bill and Ted 3 would see middle-aged versions of our heroes traveling back in time and interacting with their younger selves. George Carlin's Rufus, the future man who went back to aid Bill and Ted in fulfilling their destinies, would also be involved even though Carlin passed away in 2008. It seems that everyone involved in the original movies, including Keanu Reeves himself, wants to make a third film happen. Now we'll see who wants to step up and provide the money necessary to make one final excellent adventure - or bogus journey - come to life for everyone's favorite time traveling doofuses.

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Source: Ed Solomon

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