Bill & Ted 3 Adds SNL's Beck Bennett & Original Cast Members

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

The long-awaited sequel, Bill & Ted Face the Music, has added even more new and familiar faces to its cast. The pair, played by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves and known collectively as the rock band Wyld Stallyns, first debuted in 1989's Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. On the verge of failing high school, they were aided by a man named Rufus (George Carlin). Announcing himself as from the future, he revealed that together they were destined to write the music upon which a peaceful, utopian world would one day be formed. Gifted with a time-traveling phone booth, Bill and Ted journeyed through history in order to guarantee they passed their final test and ensure they weren't separated. The film was a surprise hit, prompting the 1991 sequel, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

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A third installment has been a cult film fan's pipe dream for many of the years that followed. Despite occasional signs of hope from the film's stars, the prospect of continued Bill & Ted adventures - outside of the animated series - seemed destined to remain in limbo. An announcement in March, however, revealed an official release date for the film. If that wasn't proof enough for fans of the films, original Bill & Ted screenwriters Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon have already written the script. On top of that, Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) has been confirmed to direct.

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News has since ramped up on production, with Variety reporting that the cast has expanded even further. According to the entertainment outlet, Beck Bennett has officially signed on. The comedic actor is best known for work on Saturday Night Live. Bennett first joined the sketch show in 2013 and was promoted in 2015. Over the years, he has played a host of characters, including a parody of Vladimir Putin. The other new additions are wholly more familiar to Bill & Ted fans, with Hal Landon Jr. and Amy Stoch returning as Ted’s father (police chief Chet Logan) and both character's one-time stepmom, Missy, respectively.

Bennett will be playing the grown-up version of Ted's younger brother, Deacon. There is no word yet on with members of Bill's family will also be returning. The film will, however, show how the two wannabe world-saving musicians will now have families of their own. A behind-the-scenes look at their daughters was recently offered by one of the film's writers. William Sadler will also reprise his role as the duo's friend and bandmate, Death. Barry's Anthony Carrigan was cast, meanwhile, as the film's primary antagonist.

The film will feature the endlessly quotable pair struggling with middle age and the fact they have yet to fulfill their aforementioned destinies. With the world reportedly gearing up for collapse, they will, literally, have to face the music once and for all. It'll be a while before actual footage is made available for public consumption, but fans are already excited for what's to come. Reeves, after all, has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, thanks to the John Wick franchise and a scene-stealing cameo in Netflix's Always Be My Maybe. Not to mention a recent crowd-pleasing appearance at E3. As such, the news of an increasingly promising cast joining Reeves as he returns to one of his most enduring roles will no doubt only add to the hype.

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Source: Variety

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