Bill Murray Interested In Ghostbusters 3!

There is an old expression: "never hurry a Murray".

Who would have thought that the Murray in question was Bill Murray?

Twenty years after showing no interest whatsoever in another Ghostbusters movie, Murray now appears to have embraced his Proton Pack wearing days and shown his first signs of coming onboard Ghostbusters 3.

While at a screening of his forthcoming film City of Ember at Fantastic Fest, he had a few things to say about his love of  Ghostbusters.

Murray commented on his love of the first film - how the first 40-45 minutes was some of the best material that he'd been in and how "the wounds have healed" from Ghostbusters 2.

He talked about his enthusiasm for the films and how recording his voice-over for the new video game had him singing the Ghostbusters theme in the street.

It looks like we may actually see Murray return to the character of Peter Venkmen, but it all depends on the script. The actor says that the main problem with the second film was the reliance on special effects.

Maybe it's just the cynic in me, but what also helps his chances of returning is that he's going through a divorce, and he may want to earn back some money that he will be giving to his soon to be ex-wife.

Source: Aintitcool

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