Bill Murray Is A Ghostbuster at the Scream Awards

bill-murray is a ghostbuster

In recent years Bill Murray's attraction to joining Ghostbusters 3 has been like the lyrics to a Katy Perry song:

"'Cause you're hot then you're coldYou're yes then you're noYou're in then you're out"

Well, it now looks like things may be looking up and that Murray might just be warming to the idea  of returning to his role of Ghostbuster Peter Venkman. The comic legend turned up to the 2010 Spike Scream Awards in full Ghostbusters costume.

So will the picky star commit to a new Ghostbusters adventure?

Murray was at the awards show to accept the award for the best horror movie  - Zombieland, a film in which he cameos. His appearance in a Ghostbuster costume will no doubt give fans hope that he is willing to reprise his role of Peter Venkman in the proposed Ghostbusters 3. The last time we heard about Ghostbusters, the latest draft of the screenplay had been sent out to Murray, and maybe, just maybe, he found the script appealing. Murray has been seen as the main stumbling block between Ghostbusters 3 and the big screen, and everytime he seems interested, he comes back and says that he's not.

Check out Murray in costume at the Scream Awards:

murray in full ghostbusters costume

The star could be playing coy in order to secure a huge payday, but seeing as this new film would be  a passing of the torch to new Ghostbusters, it would be odd that Murray would be getting a huge fee for what is being planned as an extended cameo.

With director Ivan Reitman and original stars Harold Raimis and Dan Aykroyd all interested in making a third installment, it looks like a new Ghostbusters might be inevitable - but at this stage it appears that Murray's involvement in Ghostbusters 3 is still up in the air (a slight Reitman joke) but things are definitely looking up!

Source: Cinema Blend

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