Bill Murray In Talks For Cameron Crowe's Untitled Hawaii Project

Bill Murray Joins Cameron Crowe's Hawaii project

It's no wonder that Bill Murray doesn't seem at all invested in helping Dan Aykroyd realize his (pipe) dream of Ghostbusters 3. Murray is in such a very different place career-wise right now than he was just a decade ago (much less, back in the 1990s, when a third Ghostbusters movie was a more reasonable prospect), as the famous dryly cynical funnyman now spends his days either working on quirky indie auteur fare (see: every Wes Anderson film, beginning with Rushmore) or high-minded arthouse fare, such as last year's FDR memoir, Hyde Park on Hudson.

In a slight change of pace, Murray looks to sign on for the untitled Hawaii project that Cameron Crowe is currently filming. Crowe's oeuvre, unlike that of Murray's other collaborators over this past decade, is more commercially-viable - between Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky and We Bought a Zoo all having grossed well over $100 million worldwide in theaters - but he's also managed to retain a distinctly idiosyncratic storyteller's voice over the years; hence, the reason his project would attract someone like Murray, at this stage in his career.

The Wrap is reporting that Murray has entered talks for Crowe's new movie, thus keeping alive the actor's tradition of boarding projects with nary a moment's notice (see: when he didn't show up on the Lost in Translation set until the first day of shooting). Details on his prospective role are being kept under wraps, but the film - a revamped version of Crowe's Deep Tiki script (a.k.a. Volcano Romance) - in its current form is said to revolve around Bradley Cooper as a disgraced defense contractor who is sent to Hawaii to launch a weapons satellite, but changes his mind after meeting a young Air Force pilot (Emma Stone) and encountering some "mystical island forces" in his new home.

Both Cooper and Murray will show up in an awards-friendly historical project from a critically-acclaimed filmmaker this upcoming December, as Cooper is co-headlining David O. Russell's ABSCAM-inspired movie American Hustle and Murray is part of the reputable ensemble cast in George Clooney's inspired-by-true-events WW II feature, The Monuments Men.

Emma Stone in 'Gangster Squad'

Meanwhile, Crowe's film will round out a busy year of acting for Stone, who spent the rest of 2013 working on stuff like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Alejandro González Iñárritu's showbiz satire Birdman and Woody Allen's currently-untitled next movie set in France (costarring Colin Firth). It's the actress' commitment to Crowe's new rom-com/fantasy that may be partly responsible for her dropping out of Guillermo del Toro's upcoming haunted house throwback, Crimson Peak, which begins production in early 2014 (or, rather, maybe she just needed to take a break).

On that note: at this point, most people ought to have a good idea as to whether or not Crowe's filmmaking style is their cup of tea (between his eclectic soundtrack choices and his tendency to write brooding male protagonists/pixie dream girl love interests). That said, there's no getting around how Crowe has put together a strong acting troop for his trip to Hawaii, with the supporting cast rounded out by Rachel McAdams (About Time), Alec Baldwin (Blue Jasmine), Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down), Jay Baruchel (This Is the End) and Edi Gathegi (X-Men: First Class).


Cameron Crowe's untitled Hawaii project (official title TBD) is expected to reach theaters in 2014.

Source: The Wrap

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