Breaking Bad: Did Walter White Kill Bill Burr's Character, Patrick Kuby?

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Bill Burr's Patrick Kuby worked as a henchman for Walter White in Breaking Bad, but did his boss have him killed? Bryan Cranston was best known to viewers as Hal on Malcolm In The Middle prior to signing on for Breaking Bad. The show cast him as Walter White, a meek chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer. He decides to manufacture meth with a former student to make money for his family before he passes, which leads to a world of trouble.

The mission statement of Breaking Bad was to watch a nice family man gradually become a monster over the course of numerous seasons. The show would be acclaimed for its ensemble cast, fantastic writing and for being one of the best dramas to air on television. Walter certainly appeared dead in the final scene of the show, though its rumored he might make an appearance in an upcoming Breaking Bad movie. This movie spinoff will follow what happened to Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) following the events of the series.

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The show received an equally acclaimed spinoff Better Call Saul, which provides an origin story for sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). In season 4 of Breaking Bad Saul's henchmen - AKA "The A-Team - Patrick Kuby and Huell Babineaux were introduced. Kuby was played by comedian Bill Burr (F Is For Family), and while they only appear in a handful of episodes, they both became fan favorites.

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While the final season of Breaking Bad provides closure for most of its characters, Kuby's fate is ambiguous. His final onscreen appearance is the episode "Rabid Dog," where he fills in Walter on the search for Jesse. The final time he's mentioned is when Hank is interviewing Huell in the next episode "To'hajiilee," and tries to scare him into thinking Walt wants him dead. Hank shows him a staged photo of a dead Jesse and suggests Kuby has gone missing, meaning Walter had him killed.

While Walt showed little remorse when it came to tying up loose ends, it's very unlikely he had Kuby killed. Breaking Bad doesn't provide many clues to Patrick Kuby's ultimate fate, but then it doesn't reveal what happened to Huell either. Hank and his partner order Huell to wait in a safe house while they locate Walter's buried money, but they're killed in a gunfight and never return. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan later revealed Huell was likely taken in for questioning by DEA agent Van Oster after Hank and Gomez went missing, and after revealing what little he knew, he would have been released.

This is likely the final fate of Bill Burr's Breaking Bad character too. Kuby is too low on the totem pole for anybody to want him dead, so the best-case scenario is he survived and probably continued working as a petty criminal. There's always a chance Kuby could reappear on Better Call Saul in one of the flash-forward scenes, so a definitive answer could yet be provided.

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