Biggest YouTube Channel In The World Developing Original Series For Netflix & Amazon

YouTube’s biggest channel T-Series has announced that it will start producing original web series for the likes of Netflix and Amazon. This news marks yet another period of online growth for the Indian film production company and record label, which has been amassing huge numbers of subscribers and views on YouTube since posting its first video on the site back in 2011.

Today the T-Series channel - which mostly shows film trailers and music videos - now ranks as YouTube’s most viewed, and while its success is no doubt welcome, it didn’t come without its downsides. The popularity of its YouTube channel has sparked an unintended but ongoing war with the loyal fans of gamer PewDiePie, whose channel was consistently the most-subscribed to since 2013 until he was toppled by T-Series last month. Since then, the title of most-subscribed YouTube channel has flip-flopped back and forth between PewDiePie and T-Series thanks to a concerted collective effort on behalf of each channel’s fans. Currently, PewDiePie ranks on top in terms of subscribers, though that could well change at any moment.

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Now that Wired is reporting that T-Series has set up a new division dedicated to the production of web series for distribution via Netflix and Amazon, it looks like the company is set to conquer new corners of the online market. Although T-Series is currently only in the negotiation stage, its president Neeraj Kalyan confirmed that viewers should be seeing some of its original web content in the not too distant future.

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While the future looks bright for T-Series, the news is sure to incur yet more wrath from PewDiePie’s ardent supporters. In their battle to ensure PewDiePie’s channel remains YouTube’s most subscribed, they’ve already employed some pretty drastic measures so far. Fellow YouTuber JackSepticEye threated to delete his channel in protest, while other PewDiePie fans have hacked printers en masse and ordered them to print out messages of support for the insanely popular gamer. It’s also not too long since PewDiePie's own web series Scare PewDiePie was cancelled after he made a series of anti-Semitic jokes on his channel, so T-Series venturing into web series production itself is bound to fan the flames.

Outraged as PewDiePie fans may get about the news, another step further into the online world can only mean positive things for T-Series. It’s a good move for Netflix too, which in the past few years has been focused on distributing more diverse content, and though T-Series are keeping tight-lipped about the kind of web series they’ll be making it’ll be exciting to see what YouTube’s biggest channel creates. However, T-Series might want to prepare for more backlash as the announcement adds another interesting element to the ongoing PewDiePie vs T-Series subscriber war.

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Source: Wired

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