11He Had an Incestuous Relationship with She-Hulk

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The Hulk and his first cousin She-Hulk are pretty close. When young Bruce Banner was going through some tough times after his father killed his mom, spending time with Jennifer Walters was pretty much the only thing that made him happy. Unfortunately, his alter ego green rage monster

would later repay this kindness by repeatedly trying to bang her.

In “Basic Instinct” from 2000's Incredible Hulk Annual, the Avengers head out on one of their routine missions to stop Hulk from smashing things. Only difference is this time he's hopped on some gamma induced Pon farr. It turns out Hulk has been feeling particularly lonely lately and is in search of a mate to submit to his primal needs, which spells trouble for the only other one of his kind nearby - his cousin. Luckily for us all, She-Hulk rejects his horny advances and he jumps away crying in a whiny tantrum.

Unluckily, he has more success in the 2008 alternate universe of Old Man Logan. In that story a deranged, overradiated Bruce Banner is the main villain of a post-apocalyptic California, who has produced a gang of not-so-incredible inbreds by doing the nasty with his cousin (possibly against her will). She doesn't actually appear in the comic and we're too afraid to ask why, but all the hillbilly Hulklings running around in trucker hats leave little doubt of their incestual cohabitation.

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