10 Star Wars Mysteries That Cannot Be Answered

It’s no secret that people love theorizing and speculating about Star Wars. And with new movies coming out every year for the foreseeable future, there’s no shortage of discussions to be had. Even before The Force Awakens, the franchise had numerous questions that were never answered, and now with an all-new canon that includes novels, comics, and TV shows, just about anything is possible. As we wait to see what the future films have in store, here are 10 Star Wars mysteries that can’t be answered.


Is Kylo Ren Redeemable?

Darth Vader’s arc in the classic trilogy was turning back to the light side through his relationship with Luke, so viewers are wondering if something similar is in store with Kylo Ren. The new villain is obviously torn between the two sides of the Force and seeks to consume himself in the darkness. He even commits an ultimate act of evil when he murders his father, Han Solo. For fans, that’s an unforgivable transgression and the filmmakers seem to be setting up Ben Solo as someone who cannot be saved. That would be a nice change-of-pace for the franchise, but it’s still early to say for sure.


Who Is Snoke?

Given J.J. Abrams’ shaky history with keeping character names a secret, many were convinced that Episode 7’s Supreme Leader Snoke wasn’t really Snoke. From the moment the character was announced, theories ran rampant, with the common belief being that he is Darth Plagueis, the Emperor’s former master. Though, in the finished film, there’s no misdirection with his identity. Still, questions about Snoke have only increased since Force Awakens’ premiere, and there’s sure to be more of his backstory revealed in the coming episodes. At the very least, how he rose to power is a subject worth exploring.


What Is Luke’s Mission?

The opening line from the Episode 7 text crawl informed fans that hero Luke Skywalker has vanished, and both the First Order and the Resistance are searching for him. Since his screentime in Force Awakens is all too brief, why Luke disappeared is something not really touched upon. It sounds like it was Ben Solo’s turn to the Dark Side that forced Luke into isolation, but that doesn’t explain what Skywalker was trying to accomplish. Why he chose Ahch-To and what he intends to do while there is something fans are dying to know, and with Mark Hamill getting a meatier role in Episode 8, they’ll most likely learn the answers.


Forgetting the Droids

By including R2-D2 and C-3PO in the prequel trilogy, George Lucas created some retroactive plot holes in the originals. Chief among them is the oddity that nobody recognizes the droids, despite having multiple interactions with them. C-3PO served on the Lars family farm years before the Jawas sold him to Uncle Owen, and R2-D2 served with the Republic in the Clone Wars, fighting alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi. They could just be playing dumb, but it creates an unnecessary distraction when watching the complete saga. Unlike droids, humans seemingly can’t have their memories erased, so their forgetting fairly recognizable droids is a head-scratcher.


What Happened to the Ewoks?

Without the Ewoks, the Rebel Alliance may not have won the Battle of Endor to defeat the Empire, meaning they were a huge part of the original trilogy. So what happened to them? Due to the Death Star exploding right over the forest moon, some say that the species experienced a nuclear winter and faded into extinction following their celebration. That’s a bit dark for Star Wars, and even though the Ewoks aren’t beloved, fans hope their fate is a little more pleasant than that. Hopefully they’re mentioned in a canon book so those who do enjoy them can get some peace of mind.


Who Is Ben Mendelsohn Playing?

Talented character actor Ben Mendelsohn was a great addition to the Star Wars universe, and many fans are excited to see him play the main villain in Rogue One. Just as they did with The Force Awakens, Lucasfilm is keeping the new character names largely under wraps; meaning the identity of his character is still a mystery. The only clue is his Imperial uniform, which strongly resembles that of a Grand Admiral. Could Mendelsohn be playing the canonical version of EU evildoer Grand Admiral Thrawn, someone people want to see in the movies. His physical appearance is different from the blue alien, but he’s obviously an important figure.


Who is Jyn Erso?

The Rogue One trailer revealed that Felicity Jones is playing Jyn Erso, but her introduction is somewhat confusing. She’s being escorted through a Rebel base in handcuffs before receiving an assignment from Mon Mothma. Originally, viewers believed that all the heroes would already be affiliated with the Rebel Alliance, but it looks like Jyn is being recruited to the cause and is a newcomer. Her backstory will be interesting to learn, given her importance in the Galactic Civil War. Why the Rebels seek Jyn out despite her criminal record is a big question, and hopefully the film has a good reason for it.


The New Stormtroopers

Rogue One features more than just the classic stormtrooper design, showcasing all-new Death Troopers decked in black, as well as ones with tan armor. Their inclusion is somewhat surprising, since these soldiers are not featured in the three installments of the classic trilogy. Their inclusion has raised some questions as to why that is, with one possible answer being that they are plot-specific and are not needed in the main saga. While it isn’t a huge deal, it would be nice to see the film provide some kind of explanation as to why these new stormtroopers are needed and why they disappear from the fight afterwards.


Is Vader in Rogue One?

It’s long been rumored that Darth Vader would make his big screen return to wreck havoc in Rogue One, but the teaser did not make any mention of the Sith Lord. Choosing to spotlight the new characters, some fans have started to wonder if it’s a sign that Vader will not be in the spinoff. With Ben Mendelsohn’s character being positioned as the chief antagonist, it is a possibility. On the other hand, Lucasfilm waited until the second Force Awakens trailer to show Han Solo and Chewbacca, so they could be holding back for a great reveal. Star Wars sells itself after all, there’s no need to rush.


Who are Rey’s Parents?

Sequel trilogy protagonist Rey has a mysterious backstory that will most definitely be explored in the upcoming installments. Since fans first saw her, they’ve been wondering who her parents are. Since the numbered episodes chronicle the Skywalker family saga, the most prevalent theory is Rey is Luke’s daughter. That may be too obvious, but there’s enough evidence to support it. It’s frustrating for viewers to be left in the dark, but it gives the upcoming movies material to explore and the filmmakers have promised a satisfying answer. After all, nobody knew Luke’s true heritage until The Empire Strikes Back, so it’s best to let it all play out.

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