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Johnny Depp in The Secret Window

A pretty generic thriller, The Secret Window is mostly remembered for its cop-out twist; one that isn’t exactly brand new. The film follows Johnny Depp, who plays Mort Rainey, a writer who is terrorized by a man named John Sooter. As the film evolves Sooter kills Depp’s wife, and proceeds

to commit other heinous acts that undermine Rainer's mental health. In the film’s final moments, we discover that Sooter is simply Rainey's other personality, and the crimes that Sooter committed throughout the film were actually perpetrated by this troubled writer.

This kind of split personality twist was executed most memorably in Fight Club, of course, and every film that comes after it starts to seem like a homogeneous copy-cat. The Secret Window is a pretty unremarkable film, so the twist actually makes it somewhat memorable. Still, it doesn’t make up for the fact that everything from the film is borrowed. Twists don’t make a movie, they just enhance it.

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