LEGO has revealed the exact number of pieces their biggest set to date will have, and as a bonus it happens to be a Star Wars one. LEGO has gone from a system for creative play aimed to children to collectible sets that fascinate children and adults alike. LEGO sets and minifigures have now become a must in the marketing game of new films and TV shows – even when they sometimes spoil the plot or the characters to come.

One of the franchises that is never left out of the world of LEGO is Star Wars. With every film comes different LEGO sets with their respective minifigures, and with Star Wars: The Last Jedi being released later this year, fans can expect a bunch of sets to add to their collection, some of which have already being leaked (and deleted by the sources). However, the biggest reveal about Star Wars within the LEGO world, is that of the biggest set in LEGO history.

LEGO took to Twitter to reveal the exact number of pieces their biggest set to date will have, so if you are a Star Wars fan, get ready for a 7,541 piece set. Prior to this, the biggest set was that of the Taj Mahal with 5,922 pieces, but LEGO is upping the game with this mysterious Star Wars set.

Star Wars has had huge LEGO sets in the past, such as the Death Star, the Super Star Destroyer, and the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon, with 5,195 pieces. Last week, LEGO announced via their Twitter account – and with a teaser video – that their biggest set will debut on October 1st. The teaser doesn’t reveal anything other than it being a Star Wars set (and BB-8 floating with all the pieces), and as it will be released a month after Force Friday, it makes fans wonder if it will be a set related to The Last Jedi or not.

A few Star Wars sets are already on the list of the biggest LEGO sets ever sold, such as the Imperial Star Destroyer and the Sandcrawler, with Jawas and Uncle Owen included as minifigures, so what could this new set be? Some say it could be a full version of the Starkiller Base from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, others go for a bigger and improved version of the beloved Millennium Falcon. Whatever it may be, fans should get ready to get their hands on the biggest LEGO set to date is it will most likely sell out quickly.

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Source: LEGO

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