10Action, action, and more action

Captain Kirk - 10 Clues from the Beyond Trailer

Okay – while this doesn’t betray any specific plot point or character beat, it still is one of the most important indications the trailer could possibly give about the cinematic experience that Beyond is going to deliver to movie audiences next summer.

And, actually, that time period is crucial in

understanding what messages Paramount is already sending us: with the likes of Captain America: Civil War, Bourne 5, and Suicide Squad all coming out between May and August of 2016, the studio wants audiences to believe this is going to be one of the biggest, rip-roaring-est action films there is. And with motorcycle stunts (yes, in Star Trek), martial arts sequences, crashing starships, and alien invasions all on-hand in the minute-and-a-half preview, it’ll be hard for viewers to not walk away with that impression.

The overwhelming focus on action also seems to back up the news from several months ago that the original draft of the screenplay was “too Star Trek-y,” and that Simon Pegg and Doug Jung were brought on-board to sex it up to the average movie-going audience as much as possible. Look for Beyond to have even more explosions, fisticuffs, and chase sequences than either of its two predecessors – probably combined.

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