Biggest Box Office Bombs of 2018 So Far

3. Sherlock Gnomes

  • Box Office:$86,845,294 ($43,242,871 domestic)
  • Budget: $59 million

Speaking of MGM losses, there's another apparent cash-grab - the animated Sherlock Gnomes. Featuring a star-studded lineup of voice actors like Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, and Mary J. Blige, a litany of gnome-worthy (or groan-worthy) puns, and a $59 million budget, it’s a sequel that audiences probably never asked for.

After the previous film, Gnomeo & Juliet, collected an impressive $194 million against a $36 million budget, which will at some point be registered as evidence in the event that film ever truly dies. Sherlock Gnomes failed to reach anywhere near those heights with its doubled budget, and that's before advertising is even accounted for. While the film remains in theaters overseas and tickets are still being tallied at time of writing, it will be lucky to match the magic budget x 2 point with a domestic box office of $43 million.

2. The Hurricane Heist

Maggie Grace in Hurricane Heist
  • Box Office: $6,115,825
  • Budget: $35 million

Director Rob Cohen (The Fast and The Furious) may have thought he had another franchise hit on his hands with The Hurricane Heist, a disaster film / criminal heist mashup, but that's not how it turned out. Beyond how distasteful that idea first sounds, the film has been labeled as a potential novelty-watch by some critics, with a pack of criminals setting their eyes on a U.S. Treasury Mint location during a Cat 5 hurricane. This outlook is further helped on by a cast out of a made-for-TV movie and the deluge of hurricane puns twisted into most critic’s finished review.

The Hurricane Heist was not screened for those critics, of course, and might possibly be one of the most notorious entries on this list in terms of quality. Its modest budget of $35 million proved a yet-impossible height to aspire to, with the domestic take under $7 million, we don't even need to discuss the promotional budget. If it does ever manage to hit streaming services, critics have at least described it as a good time, if your expectations are low enough.

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1. A Wrinkle In Time

  • Box Office: $132,339,208  ($100,190,199)
  • Budget: $130 million

Madeleine L’Engle’s "Time Quintet" series began with A Wrinkle In Time, an award-winning young-adult science-fiction/fantasy novel. Disney produced the 2018 film and hired Ava DuVernay, making history as the first 9-digit budget for a movie directed by an African-American woman. In addition, DuVernay managed to nab top-notch talent like Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey, but did not deliver top-notch ticket sales.

While A Wrinkle In Time easily trumped 2003's panned TV film adaptation in quality, that wasn’t enough to earn a significant return on Disney’s investment. At the end of the day, Wrinkle can be chalked up as a loss. While it was far from a goose egg in terms of revenue or critical reception, there has been little word of a potential sequel being put into production, so expectations are low.

Numbers from Box Office Mojo

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