Big Trouble In Little China/Escape From New York #2 Preview

Check out these preview pages for the second issue of the Big Trouble In Little China/Escape From New York comic crossover.

Big Trouble in Little China Escape From New York Comic Cover

Movies have been getting comic book spinoffs for about as long as there have been comic books, but Greg Pak and Daniel Bayliss' Big Trouble In Little China/Escape From New York takes the premise to the next level. The series imagines a genre-crossing team up between not only two films both directed by the legendary John Carpenter but starring Kurt Russell as two very different heroes: Overly-confident, fun-loving trucker Jack Burton and dystopian futuristic antihero Snake Plissken.

Released in 1981, Escape From New York featured Russell (until then best known for appearing in a series of Disney comedies as a teenager) as Plissken, an outlaw forced to rescue the U.S. President from New York City in a future where Manhattan Island had been cordoned-off from the rest of the country and transformed into a prison-city. Arriving 5 years later in 1986, Big Trouble in Little China saw Carpenter and Russell re-team for the story of a trucker who becomes embroiled in a Chinatown gang war that's actually being masterminded by a centuries-old demonic sorcerer.

Starting out after the events of Big Trouble, the comic crossover finds Burton and his truck transported to the post-apocalyptic alternate reality of the Escape films, where he is mistaken for Plissken and must ultimately seek out and team up with the real thing in order to solve the mystery of what's happened and battle the sinister forces behind it. The second issue in the series is due out on November 2, and fans can get a look at what's in store for the two heroes in this preview (below) that sees Jack and Snake doing what they do best.

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In a recent interview, Carpenter told Screen Rant that while he wasn't involved in the project directly on the creative side, he supports the book and got a real kick out of Pak's interpretation of he and Russell's original characters. Said Carpenter:

"The thing I love about it is… of course, Jack drags Snake Plissken down to his level. It’s just the best. [laughs] The kind of slow burn of it is also just a lot of fun. When you have a character like Snake who doesn’t say much, who can explode in different ways at different points, it’s fun to have a guy who talks all the time."

Remakes of both films have been widely discussed for some time, but only a Big Trouble in Little China revival has gained any significant heat -- the project is currently planned as one of many for busy actor/producer Dwayne Johnson.

Big Trouble In Little China/Escape From New York #2 is due in stores November 2, 2016.

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