Big Shark Trailer: Tommy Wiseau's Latest Movie Looks Completely Crazy

The genius mind behind The Room isn't done making movies yet, as the trailer for Tommy Wiseau's latest project Big Shark has just dropped, and it looks completely crazy. Of course, one would expect nothing less from the now rather infamous Wiseau.

Wiseau is best known for The Room, a movie so bad that it gained a cult audience of fans who are fascinated with every aspect of the film, and regularly attend screenings across the world. The response to The Room has caused Wiseau to embrace his unusual stardom, which has led to him attempting to make other "so bad it's good" movies, such as Best F(r)iends with Greg Sestero, who also appeared in The Room. The story of the making of The Room was turned into a movie called The Disaster Artist, which was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 90th Academy Awards.

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A teaser for Big Shark was shown to attendees at a screening of The Room in London last week, but it has now been made available on YouTube by Wiseau for the whole world to see. Big Shark stars Wiseau, Sestero, and Isaiah Laborde as Patrick, Georgie, and Tim, who run afoul of the titular big shark, which has the production values of a monster from a Syfy original movie, like those in Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf. 

The story of Big Shark was detailed during the same showing in London at which the teaser was first revealed, and it's about three firefighters in New Orleans who have to save the world from the shark. Big Shark has yet to finish filming and the purpose of releasing the trailer was to try and acquire funding in order to complete the project. The link to the movie's official website (found in the comments of the trailer) takes you to Wiseau's own website instead of anything related to the film.

The Room was lightning in a bottle and what makes it so endearing is how genuine all of its faults are. Wiseau has been trying to recreate the magic of The Room with projects like Best F(r)iends and Samurai Cop 2 and the reception has been mixed. Big Shark seems to be an attempt to go into B-movie territory and capitalize on the popularity of films that embrace the shlocky premise, like The Meg or the Sharknado series.

Wiseau will almost certainly find the funding to complete Big Shark, where it will eventually become part of his traveling roadshow of bad movies. It's too early to say whether it will succeed in winning over the fans of purposely bad horror movies or if it will scare away the established fanbase of The Room by diluting their love of Wiseau and his attempts at being in on the joke.

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Source: Tommy Wiseau/YouTube

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