What To Expect From Big Mouth Season 4

What’s the status of Big Mouth season 4? The latest installment premiered in October 2019 on Netflix, and now fans are anxious for more episodes.

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Big Mouth season 4 is happening and fans may not have to wait too long for it to release. Big Mouth season 3 released on Netflix in October, and now fans are anxious for more episodes about relatable sexual problems and sassy hormone monsters.

Big Mouth follows New York teenagers who view the world through a surrealistic lens. Nick Kroll - one of Big Mouth’s co-creators - voices Nick Birch, an awkward kid who’s arguably less awkward than his best friend Andrew Glouberman, voiced by John Mulaney. In Big Mouth season 3, the narrative builds to a superhero-themed season finale, which is primarily focused on a love triangle involving Nick, Andrew, and Missy Foreman-Greenwald (Jenny Slate).

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Big Mouth season 3 concludes with the various characters grappling with reality and fantasy, all the while trying to understand what’s happening with their bodies and minds. By the end, bad blood creates a big conflict, leaving Nick, Andrew, and company to reconsider their wants and needs. Here’s what to expect for Big Mouth season 4.

Big Mouth Season 4 Renewal

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Netflix has already renewed Big Mouth for three additional seasons. Specifically, the streaming service announced a production deal with Brutus Pink, the company formed by Big Mouth’s co-creators: Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett (along with producer Kelly Galuska). Netflix typically renews series three to six weeks after new seasons premiere. In this case, however, Big Mouth’s massive popularity ensured an early green light for multiple future seasons, including Big Mouth season 4, along with a spinoff series about hormone monsters entitled Human Resources.

Big Mouth Season 4 Release Date Info

Netflix has released new Big Mouth seasons once a year since 2017. If all parties involved keep the same schedule, Big Mouth season 4 should release in late September or early October in 2020. Keep in mind that Netflix did release a Big Mouth Valentine’s Day special in February 2019, so it’s entirely possible that a special episode will release before the Big Mouth season 4 premiere.

Big Mouth Season 4 Story Details

Big Mouth Season 3 Netflix

A lot happens in the Big Mouth season 3 finale beyond an epic showdown between superhero body liquid versions of Rocky IV stars Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone. The main drama centers around Andrew’s jealousy about Nick and Melissa’s kiss, along with the various Big Mouth characters’ superhero personas after a storm. Nick comes to the realization that he’s not really into Melissa, which sparks even more drama among all the boys and girls.

Looking ahead, Big Mouth viewers may be concerned about Andrew’s physical health after he squished himself against a flag pole. And Melissa has lots to think about being dismissed and labeled as a dork - expect this Big Mouth character to listen more closely to hormone monsters moving forward. Big Mouth season 4 will undoubtedly focus on Andrew’s decision to end his friendship with Nick, but that drama should be partially resolved rather quickly. The Big Mouth season 3 finale is all about self-image and how the characters choose to embrace or dismiss superhero personas. For Big Mouth season 4, the power dynamics will shift once again as the hormone monsters inspire the teenagers to either be real with themselves or to present a specific image to the world.

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