What To Expect From Big Mouth Season 3

Big Mouth Season 2 Shame Wizard

What To Expect in Big Mouth Season 3

Big Mouth season 3 ends with Nick finally getting a hormone monster who knows what they’re doing; after essentially breaking up with her human, Jessi, Connie (voiced by Maya Rudolph) was reassigned to Nick. Much of season 2 focused on Nick’s delayed puberty and feeling left behind as Andrew grew taller, more sexually aware and much harrier, so expect to see Nick finally discover what it’s like to be a properly horny teenage boy.

Jessi (voiced by Jessi Klein) may have been the character with the biggest arc this season. Unable to cope with her own hormones as well as her parents’ divorce, she began shoplifting, experimenting with drugs, and accidentally started a slut-shaming scandal around classmate Gena (voiced by Gina Rodriguez). Eventually, she ended up succumbing to a new emotional monster, the Depression Kitty (voiced by Jean Smart). While Jessi managed to escape her cuddly clutches and decided to go to therapy, the problem is far from solved. Big Mouth season 3 holds promise not only for further exploration of Jessi’s depression – and a rare opportunity to see pop culture tackle the oft-ignored issue of childhood depression – but more interactions with the colorful creatures that populate the Department of Puberty. Season 2 introduced the Shame Wizard (voiced by David Thewlis) but there is certainly hunger to see the other specters haunting the seventh grade.

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Nick Kroll has been open on how politics influenced season 2 of the show. The National Pantsing Day joke is a direct dig at Donald Trump, while the entire episode dedicated to Planned Parenthood was done to draw attention to the frequently attacked organization. The show’s writers even went so far as to meet with Planned Parenthood executives for advice. Kroll told Vanity Fair:

“She [Planned Parenthood Los Angeles branch President Sue Dunlap) basically said, ‘Obviously donations are great, but we at Planned Parenthood really want people to tell stories involving Planned Parenthood.’ We started talking about it in the room and figuring out, ‘Is there a way to tell a story involving Planned Parenthood with our cast and the kind of stories that we tell?’ As we thought about it, we realized maybe we could take a step out from what we normally do and tell a story that is different from the rest of our episodes.”

With the show fully leaning into its progressive roots and understanding how politically loaded the topic of sexuality in young people is, Big Mouth has emerged as one of the true comedic gems on television right now. Its vulgar honesty has made it equal parts hilarious and touching and it offers a faithful insight into how horrifying puberty really was for so many people. Further seasons would have greater opportunity to dig into the endless awkwardness of adolescence. Fortunately, as history proves, we won’t have to wait much longer to discover if we’re getting season 3 of Big Mouth.

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