Big Mouth Season 2 Trailer: The Hormone Monsters Attack

Netflix's animated series Big Mouth earned favorable reviews for season 1, and the season 2 trailer stays on brand with edgy and original comedy.

After a successful first season, Netflix’s animated, coming-of-age series Big Mouth is back; in the season 2 trailer, the show’s edgy dialogue and visuals are once again on full display, as viewers receive an up-close-and-personal look at the infamous “Hormone Monster.”

Featuring the voices of comedians Nick Kroll (Operation Finale) and John Mulaney (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), Big Mouth follows the exploits of two 7th grade friends as they mature and grapple with their sexual feelings. In 2017, the series made Screen Rant’s list for the “20 Netflix Shows You Should Never Watch in Public,” primarily because it looks like a traditional cartoon on the surface, however the content is meant for mature audiences. With a central villain known as Maurice the Hormone Monster challenging the naive and easily-influenced characters, Big Mouth explores conversational taboos and does so with an unapologetic narrative tone.

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Today, Netflix released Big Mouth’s season 2 trailer, and it’s clear that Kroll and company are staying entirely on brand. In a self-referential nod, the clip begins with an external shot of Bridgeton Middle School and a sign that reads “When is season 2?" It’s a less than thrilling open, however it serves its purpose in building the Netflix hype, especially when followed by a joke about a anatomical chalkboard drawing looking like a “zone defense.”

When a tandem of Hormone Monsters attack the classroom and consume the occupants, the students find themselves learning even more about biology. Despite their initial inclinations, the kids are not in the Hormone Monster’s stomach, but rather in a more unpleasant space - evidenced by a shot of Maurice reading his iPhone during a bathroom break. The gag brings the trailer’s narrative full circle, as Maurice acknowledges the Big Mouth season 2 premiere date (along with his need for more water).

Alongside Kroll and Mulaney, former Saturday Night Live cast members Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph lended their voices to Big Mouth season 1, along with Get Out director Jordan Peele and many familiar names of modern comedy. While viewers may not feel a sense of harmony, Kroll and Mulaney have a long history of working together dating back to their college days at Georgetown University. On Comedy Central’s Kroll Show, Mulaney appeared in the skit “Oh Hello,” which was eventually adapted into a Broadway play. The duo has also appeared together on late-night television shows as their Kroll Show characters.

In Big Mouth, the cast's comedic chemistry is apparent, and the jokes land especially hard. Plus, with a surrealistic Hormone Monster essentially running the show, Kroll and his writing team have no boundaries with their narrative settings.

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Big Mouth season 2 will premiere October 5 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix/YouTube

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