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Big Mouth Season 2 Shame Wizard

Big Mouth returned to Netflix for its second season, continuing the story of a group of adolescent kids going through puberty in the grossest way possible. Co-created by long-time friends and collaborators Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, Big Mouth is inspired by the pair's pre-teen years growing up in Westchester County, New York. While the leading pair of Nick and Andrew are heavily inspired by their own lives, Big Mouth is a far more surreal and crude interpretation of one's teen years, with puberty depicted as a literal monster. Add to that talking pillows, conversing pubic hairs and the ghost of Duke Ellington and Big Mouth is definitely not adolescence as you remember it.

In season two, the boys of 5th grade navigate their tempestuous hormones as well as a new burgeoning obsession with breasts while the girls tackle body image issues, slut-shaming and boys' sudden interest in them. As the kids grow up and face the troubles of the big bad world, they take on that age old question: Can you be both horny and a decent person?

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As the cast gets bigger, so does the murderer's row of comedic talents in the voice roles. To keep track of everything, here's all you need to know about Big Mouth's cast and characters in season 2.

The Main Cast - Boys

Nick Kroll as Nick Birch/Maurice the Hormone Monster: One half of the central duo, Nick is an almost-adolescent boy who is developing at a much slower rate than his best friend, Andrew. This season, he tries to get close to the "new girl" who has developed breasts and finds himself figuring out the so-called "friend zone." He also voices Andrew’s hormone monster, a perpetually horny and foul-mouthed creature who encourages his worst instincts. Kroll, who voices an assortment of characters in the show (including Coach Steve, Lola and various ghosts), is a familiar face from film and television. Some of his most notable roles include The Douche on Parks and Recreation, Rodney from The League, and lawyer Bernie Cohen from the 2016 film Loving. His voice can he heard in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, Sing, and the upcoming animated film of The Addams Family.

John Mulaney as Andrew Glouberman: Mulaney, who recently won an Emmy for his stand-up special, Kid Gorgeous, plays Andrew, the bigger of the duo who struggles to not spend every waking moment masturbating. Andrew is perpetually plagued by his hormone monster, his judgmental father, his endless neuroses, and now the addition of the Shame Wizard. Mulaney came to prominence as a writer for Saturday Night Live. Mulaney and Kroll work together frequently and have done so since their college days. The pair hosted the 2017 and 2018 Independent Spirit Awards together and appear regularly as cult hit comedy characters Gil Faizon (Kroll) and George St. Geegland (Mulaney) on shows like Comedy Bang Bang. They also had a successful Broadway run in character with The Oh, Hello Show, which is available to watch on Netflix.

Jason Mantzoukas as Jay Bilzerian: Jay is the most demented of the group and the one whose sex drive is the most polluted by toxic masculinity and desperate over-compensating. He’s obsessed with magic and sex, particularly if the latter involves pillows, although season 2 sees him questioning his sexuality (pillows are still involved). Jason Mantzoukas is another familiar face from roles on The League, Parks and Recreation and The Good Place. Podcast fans will best know him as one of the co-hosts of How Did This Get Made?

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Andrew Rannells as Matthew: The token gay kid of seventh grade, Matthew delights in reporting on school gossip and providing a scathing one-liner for every occasion. Andrew Rannells is the Tony-nominated actor who rose to prominence by starring in the original Broadway production of The Book of Mormon. He also played Lena Dunham's best friend Elijah in HBO's Girls and can currently be seen in A Simple Favor.

Jordan Peele as the Ghost of Duke Ellington: For seemingly absolutely no reason, the ghost of legendary jazz musician Duke Ellington lives in Nick’s attic and occasionally offers the kids terrible advice on their daily lives. Duke makes less appearances in season 2 but does give Jordan Peele an opportunity to make a Get Out joke. Peele, the first black screenwriter to win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for his directorial debut (which also landed him a Best Director nomination), is currently at work on his second film, Us. He will also narrate the upcoming reboot of The Twilight Zone, for which he is also an executive producer.

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