Netflix Renews Big Mouth for Season 3

Big Mouth - Connie the hormone monstress

Netflix's coming-of-age comedy Big Mouth has been renewed for season 3, and is presumably set to return in fall 2019. The show features the voices of John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, Fred Armisen, Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, Jordan Peele, Jenny Slate and Maya Rudolph as a collection of middle school kids and their associated Hormone Monster (Kroll) and Hormone Monstress (Rudolph).

The first two seasons of Big Mouth were a no-holds-barred look at the horrors, humiliations, and very rare joys of early puberty. In the world of Big Mouth, a hormone monster appears to "help" kids through puberty, serving as a kind of anthropomorphized id that encourages the characters to rage out, give in to their every sexual impulse, and sometimes just sit in their rooms and cry. There are also other supernatural characters, like the ghost of late jazz musician Duke Ellington (Peele), who lives in an attic and doles out pearls of worldly wisdom that are sometimes helpful, and sometimes very unhelpful.

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Netflix announced Big Mouth's season 3 renewal with the following promo, which compiles a range of squeals, grunts, whoops, cries, groans and shrieks from the past season, and promises that things are going to get "even messier" in the future. According to the accompanying press release, Big Mouth season 3 will consist of 10 more episodes. Check out the announcement promo below:

Big Mouth's crude, raunchy and unvarnished look at the struggles of changing bodies, fluctuating hormones and interpersonal relationships isn't for everyone, but the show has attracted a strong following and steadily built up an intriguing fantasy universe of its own (towards the end of season 2, the characters take a trip to the land where hormone monsters come from).Season 2 also introduced a new and terrible villain: the Shame Wizard, who is voiced by David Thewlis.

The announcement didn't come with a release date, but the first season of Big Mouth was released in September 2017 and the second in October 2018, so we're probably looking at a fall 2019 premiere for season 3.

Unlike many other animated shows, the characters in Big Mouth are actually growing up and changing, with some advancing down the path of puberty faster than others. The series could potentially continue all the way through their teenage years and right up, until they leave school at the tail end of adolescence. That's getting a little far ahead, though; for now, let's just relax and take a bubble bath while we wait for Big Mouth season 3.

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