Big Mouth: Maurice Vs Connie – Who is the Better Hormone Monster?

Big Mouth has introduced us to a world of Hormone Monsters. Here all of our teenage bad decisions are explained away; blaming it on the (sometimes bad) guidance of the monsters nobody else can see.There are two major Hormone Monsters in Big Mouth, as well as several secondary ones. Maurice was the first Monster we saw, with Connie coming in second in importance thanks to all of her appearances. But which Monster is the Better Hormone Monster? Which one would you prefer, given the choice? Here are some points to help you decide. Assuming you can choose between these two awesome – but insane – characters.

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10 Maurice: Embraces His Sexuality

We've got to give Maurice credit. He's exceptionally proud of his sexuality. He may be the most extreme sex-obsessed character we've ever seen. But he owns it. And he has no shame about this fact. It's actually a little bit inspiring when you think about it.He's comfortable in his own skin. And in what he likes – and doesn't like. Though there are more things he likes than not.

9 Connie: Her Introduction

Connie's introduction is by far the most dramatic and sassiest of the series. So far, at least. Her sudden appearance in Jessi's room – and life – was both surprising and expected. And her first few lines made it very clear that she was going to change Jessi's life. For good or for bad.

You know that things are going to change in a teenager's life when they decide that it's time to start calling their parents by their first name. And this was one of the first things Connie suggest. Actually, think of any of the basic 'teenage rebellion for beginners' moments, and you've nailed Connie's opening speech.

8 Maurice: Has His Guys' Backs

Maurice always has his client's backs. For the good and for the bad, he'll always be there for his guys. Everything from screaming his support, to sitting down and crying beside Andrew. He'll be there. He encourages the boys to make stupid decisions, sure. But he embraces any and all emotions and sexual orientations. And there's something amazingly free about that.

Remember that time Andrew sat down and cried? We do. Maurice sat right beside him and had a good cry with him. Or how about the time he shaved his entire body in solidarity? Or the time he was there for Andrew, even though he wasn't being a very good person? Maurice never gave up on the kid. Or any of his other kids, for that matter.

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7 Connie: Teaching Important Lessons

Connie may be as dramatic as the rest of the hormone monsters, but she's totally willing to support Jessi (and all of the other kids assigned to her). And she'll teach the girls about the important things in life, like knowing about their bodies and how to masturbate.

This may seem like an obvious thing, but it's actually quite complex. So knowing that there's somebody like Connie around, even if she is a chaotic force of nature, is surely empowering. And hopefully a confidence boost to boot.

6 Maurice: Good for a Laugh

Maurice arguably has some of the best lines out of the entire series. Yeah, most of them are sexual in nature, but that doesn't reduce their humor any. And the fact that his sexual jokes are equal opportunity certainly helps matters.

The truth is, you can always count on Maurice for a good laugh or two. It doesn't matter what mood you're in, Maurice will find a way to bring a smile to your face.

5 Connie: She Dumps in the Hate

We all need a friend who's willing to jump in on the complaining. And to help us hate our enemies with as much passion as possible. And that's something that Connie has always been up for – and that she will always be up for.

When it comes to throwing insults and backing her girls up, Connie will never hesitate to throw in her two cents and colorful commentary. And we absolutely adore her for that. Because let's be honest here, sometimes you need a friend to have your back – no matter how unreasonable or harsh you're being.

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4 Maurice: Always Enthusiastic

Maurice is one of those dudes that is perpetually enthusiastic and optimistic. Whatever your stupid plan is, you know that he'll be excited for you. Heck, he'll be eagerly throwing out ideas and encouragement. That's just the type of Monster he is.

And likewise, he'll always assume that said stupid plans will work out. Reality has no ground in his mind. He can help but root for the best outcome. And he'll never stop rooting for his clients. Especially when it comes to hoping they'll get a chance to make out.

3 Connie: Body Confidence

Connie has always been a character encouraging body positivity. Not only is she unashamedly happy with her own body, but she encourages it in the girls (and boys) in her care. Everything from trying to teach her girls (as mentioned above) about how their body works – to just trying to make them happy in their own skin.

And her songs revolving around these elements are certainly highlights in the series, even if they can get a bit awkward at times.

2 Maurice: Acceptance is Key

Right from the beginning, Maurice has been open and accepting of all types of sexuality. We don't know if this is a common trait in Hormone Monsters, but we sure hope so. He had Andrew's back the whole time he was struggling with his sexuality. And even when Andrew decided that he was straight, Maurice was there for him.

Maurice also seems to treat Matthew any differently from the other clients of his. In fact, several comments of his indicate that he's totally open to experimenting himself. Meaning that he can actually help Matthew out just as much as Andrew. It probably helps that Matthew has it together a bit more than Andrew...

1 Connie: Her Sass Knows No Bounds

Connie is one of the sassiest characters in the show – and she's not ashamed of that fact. If anything, she's proud of it. And who can blame her? She's always willing to throw down, especially in defense of her clients. And she's always got a quippy one-liner ready to go.

It's not hard to see why teenage girls might idolize this Hormone Monstress. She certainly has a lot of attributes that they would find themselves wishing for.

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