Big Mouth: 10 Best Episodes (According To IMDb)

Big Mouth is a hilarious and surprisingly thoughtful animated comedy on Netflix. The series comes from comedian Nick Kroll and explores the often painfully awkward experiences of boys and girls struggling with puberty. The show does not hold back from the vulgar and sometimes uncomfortable subject matter but always finds the humor.

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The series has been a hit with critics and audiences as it continues to grow in popularity. With the third season coming out this fall, now seems like the perfect time to catch up on the series with some of its best episodes. Here are the top-rated episodes of Big Mouth, according to IMDb.

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10 Steve The Virgin (7.8)

Steve the janitor is one of the most outrageous characters on the show so any time we get to spend some extended time with him is a treat. In this episode, the lonely and innocent Steve finds himself in a potentially life-altering romantic relationship with Jay's mom. We also see Andrew becoming the unwilling boyfriend of Lola and Nick facing some more embarrassment.

The episode is filled with so many inventive ideas that make this show so unique and fun. Steve gets a memorable song to mark losing his virginity and the visuals of how he images the moment happening are hilarious.

9 Drug Buddies (8)

Sex isn't the only thing on the minds of teens going through puberty. They also find any and all ways to rebel. As Jessi continues her phase of acting out, she convinces Nick to join her in experimenting with marijuana. This only helps to highlight all the anxiety and self-doubt Nick is feeling. Andrew is off on his own adventure trying to survive dating Lola.

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The drug escapades are fun but the consequences are surprisingly heartbreaking. But the real laughs come from the extremely unpleasant relationship between Andrew and Lola which is both hilarious and terrifying.

8 The Head Push (8.1)

High school parties can be incredibly awkward experiences for teenagers to navigate so it seems like the perfect setting for an episode of this show. With Nick's parents out of town, she decides to have some friends over. Before long, Nick and his friends join in the fun and pursue their own romantic quests.

The setting really does set up the episode to be a lot of fun from the beginning and the added mayhem of Jay's cotton candy brandy makes things even better. The episode does a great job of exploring peer-pressured sexual situations, first kisses and it even has a great Seinfeld homage.

7 What Is It About Boobs (8.1)

Few shows could get away with dedicating an entire episode to boobs, but Big Mouth is not like most other shows. The entire school is abuzz with news that one of the students, Gina, suddenly developed. This causes the boys to examine their own obsessions with boobs while the other girls struggle with their own body-image issues.

Once again, the show does a great job approaching a subject that plays a large role in puberty from both the male and female points of view. There is also a charming musical number about body positivity. Also, a hilarious subplot finds Coach Steve learning some important lessons.

6 The Shame Wizard (8.1)

The Shame Wizard is the most interesting new addition to the second season. He is introduced in this episode to torment Andrew after he is caught in a compromising position while at a pool party. Elsewhere, Nick tries to determine if he and Gina can be more than friends, and Jay forms a friendship with Coach Steve.

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The idea of the Shame Wizard is hilarious and all-too-real for anyone who has been embarrassed before. The shame of the situation haunts you and this terrifying creature, perfectly voiced by David Thewlis, is an amazing and inventive representation of that feeling.

5 My Furry Valentine (8.1)

Big Mouth My Furry Valentine

Big Mouth is the perfect show to have its own Valentine's Day special. This supersized episode explores all the insecurities and confusion that surround the holiday. Nick struggles with having a female hormone monster, Andrew tries to woo Missy, and Jay tries to balance his busy romantic evening.

The show once again proves that it can take a well-worn subject and find some new ways to dissect it. This is one of the most flat-out fun episodes of the series with some hilarious moments, especially concerning Coach Steve's new love interest.

4 Girls Are Horny Too (8.2)

One of the best aspects of this show is how it explores the struggles of going through these changes from the male and female sides equally. What makes this even more interesting is how neither gender understands what the other is going through.

This episode saw the boys coming to the realizations that girls also have the same urges they do as all the girls in town become obsessed with a sultry novel. The episode explores the idea that men might not understand the subtleties of women at any age.

3 Smooch Or Share (8.2)

This show doesn't let its characters off too easily but this episode allowed for some of the catharsis that has been missing throughout the second season. As the kids struggle with their various insecurities, they finally begin to question why they allow the Shame Wizard to hold so much power over them.

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Watching the tormented teens regain some of their control was nice to see after all the painful things they'd been through. It was also great fun to see the Shame Wizard begin to come apart with his heart-to-heart with Coach Steve.

2 Dark Side Of The Boob (8.4)

When a bunch of confused teens going through puberty has a sleepover in the school gym, what could go wrong? This episode finds all the kids in a vulnerable spot and the Shame Wizard unleashing his darkness on all of them. From Gina being labeled a "slut" to Jay being embarrassed by Coach Steve to Nick sharing too much, it is a disaster for everyone.

With all the kids gathered, this episode has a real energy to it and feels like all the badness the characters have gone through this season building up to this moment. But as painfully honest as the episode is, it also features some truly hilarious moments.

1 The Department Of Puberty (8.5)

Big Mouth Season 2 Shame Wizard

The Season 2 finale was a nice wrap up to the tumultuous events of the season. In the aftermath of the school sleepover, Andrew, Nick, and Jessi travel to the Department of Puberty to get some answers. Andrew learns more about the Shame Wizard, Nick searches for a new hormone monster, and Jessi is introduced to depression.

The bureaucratic nature of the Puberty Department is great fun and these scenes are filled with hilarious Easter eggs. But the most compelling aspect of the episode is how it addresses depression. The show maintains its humor even with this serious subject but gives a darkly honest depiction of it at the same time.

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