Big Mouth: All the Hormone Monsters Ranked

Big Mouth is the latest in a series of hit shows from Netflix. And like any hit series, there is plenty of room for us fans to dive in and analyze. In the case of Big Mouth, there are dozens of characters to learn more about. Or just to talk about, for that matter.The Hormone Monsters within Big Mouth are an amazingly unique and fascinating construct. And they're admittedly hilarious as well – especially to anybody who had an especially rough time with puberty - so basically all of us. Perhaps that is why we love these hot messes so much.

There are six named Hormone Monsters in Big Mouth. And we're here today to rank them all, taking into account their humor and ability to coach their teenagers through some of the most confusing times of their lives.

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6 Monster Gavin

Gavin is arguably the least known of the Hormone Monsters. We haven't actually seen him assigned to any of the children in Big Mouth. He seems content to boss the other Hormone Monsters around. And he likewise seems quite talented at getting in their way.

He seems like he's a bit of a bully, truth be told. Perhaps that's why he doesn't have any clients of his own. That or he's a classic middle management type, where he thinks he's better because of his promotion.

No matter the reason, we're pretty happy that he's not in charge of helping any of our favorite characters make their way through puberty. We can't help but feel like that would turn out poorly.

5 Monster Tyler

Tyler is perhaps the most eager of the Hormone Monsters, and that's probably because he's got the most to prove. In many ways, he's got the most in common with the clients the Hormone Monsters deal with. And that's because he doesn't seem to have finished going through puberty himself.

Because of his lack of personal experience, Tyler isn't the best Hormone Monster out there. He's willing to help, sure. But he doesn't give the best advice out there. Just ask Nick. The advice he gave Nick was pretty disastrous, to put it mildly.

One of the most notable differences about Tyler, aside from his size, is his lack of a horn. This ties in directly with his lack of experience. This is because when he was first introduced, he had yet to successfully help any single client. A fact that he was surely hoping to change sooner rather than later.

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4 Monster Rick

Rick is basically the polar opposite of Tyler. He's got plenty of experience. So much, in fact, that he's begun to forget a lot of it. He really should have retired years ago, between his difficulty being understood, his incontinence, and his poor vision. And that's just to name a few of his issues.

We've seen Rick assigned to two people during the course of the series. The first was Coach Steve. Who he actually was able to help out a bit, which is saying something. The second person was Nick. Admittedly, things didn't work out too well with Nick. But Nick seems to be a bit of a special case. Still, we imagine he was feeling discouraged at this point since Rick was the second Monster that had been assigned to him.

One of the running jokes with Rick is just how hard it is to understand him. In fact, the series has made a point of giving his character subtitles. And he's unique among the characters in that regard. Sometimes his commentary or advice is a little bit out there, so even being able to read what he says doesn't go very far in making what he actually said understandable.

3 Monstress Mona

Mona is the newest Monstress to be introduced to the series. So naturally, we don't know much about her. But we already know that she's got to be more competent than some of the other Monsters assigned to our favorite characters.

Mona makes the second female Monster that we've been given the name to, and the second one assigned to any of our leading characters. She seems to be a bit more chaotic than Connie, with a different focus as well. She's embraced her sexuality and the negative outcomes along with it. And we have to respect that about her.

Mona has been assigned to Missy, and so far she's the only character we know of that she's been told to watch. We imagine that this will change with time, but it's hard to be sure. It would be interesting to see how she'd handle a crazy character like Jay.

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2 Monstress Connie

Connie is a fan favorite and with good reason. Honestly, it was hard to put her in second place on this listing, and likely many fans will disagree with the decision. Connie has been a force of nature within the series, but she's also a loyal and faithful Hormone Monstress.

Connie is the first Hormone Monstress we got to know, and she's just a bundle of emotions and personality. She's charismatic, quirky, and oh so fierce. She isn't afraid to state her opinion, and she can go toe to toe with characters like Maurice.Connie knows how to teach girls – and boys – about their bodies and how to enjoy them. She's big on body positivity, which we adore. And she's all about knowing as much about your body and how it works as possible – especially with the fun stuff.There are some things that Connie struggles with. When Jessi was becoming depressed (due to all of the changes in her life),

Connie didn't see the warning signs. And thus she almost lost Jessi to a depression monster. Thankfully she's proven unwilling to make that mistake a second time.

Along with being assigned to Jessie, Connie has started taking care of Nick, and she seems to be doing a pretty solid job of it. Better than his first two Monsters, at any rate.

1 Monster Maurice

Maurice is the first Hormone Monster the series introduced us to, and he's naturally a fan favorite. He's crass and insane, but we love him anyway. Maurice has been assigned to Andrew, but as the series progressed he's been assigned to other characters

as well (including Matthew).Maurice is one of those characters that knows no shame. He knows what he likes, and he isn't afraid to say so. He's extremely outspoken about his sexuality, his body, and so much more. And while he can get gross and crass from time to time, we love him anyway.

Perhaps that is because he's always got his client's backs or the fact that he's emotionally open. He's not afraid to vent or cry as the situation calls for it, and he'll happily back up any of the students in trouble. Or just sit there and be emotional with them. In fact, he'll do whatever he needs to in order to match them, keeping up with what is happening in their lives to an absurd amount of attention and detail.

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