Big Mouth: 5 Best Episodes From Season 3 (& 5 Worst)

Big Mouth Season 3

It's hard to believe that Big Mouth is three seasons old this year, but that is the case. Last week the series dropped it's the third (and thankfully not final) season. That means we've had plenty of time to watch through the latest season. And for us to start forming opinions on what we've seen.

There are eleven episodes in this season – counting the Valentine's special that came out earlier this year. And there are some episodes that are clear favorites. And some episodes that are...less favorable than the others. So here we give you, the top 5 episodes of the season, alongside the worst 5 episodes of the season.

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10 Best: Super Mouth

The season finale was both dramatic and jawdropping. Super Mouth had some fun with the superhero trope, but it wasn't afraid to drop some really heavy-hitting character development along the way. And it left fans desperate to find out what was to happen next. What a way to wrap up the season!There's a freak storm that gives every student a superpower, fact that everyone uses to their advantage. And it seems to only fuel the fires building up between certain characters. Most notably, Nick and Andrew. Their friendship is about to get a bit explosive.

9 Worst: Disclosure: the Movie: The Musical!

Disclosure: the Movie: The Musical! admittedly covered a lot of important points and brought many unfair elements to the forefront. But it wasn't our favorite episode. And the fans on IMDb would agree if the rating has anything to say about it.This episode brings a new play to the school, and Missy has landed the lead role alongside Nick. But the ensuing drama quickly blows out of proportion. On the bright side, it brings back a quirky character. Well, more accurately, it gives him a more permanent position.

8 Best: My Furry Valentine

My Furry Valentine is the season's special episode, with a focus on Valentine's Day (in case that wasn't obvious). There's nothing worse for a bunch of hormonal teenagers than trying to deal with Valentine's Day and their crushes on top of everything else.This episode reminds us of the horrors and drama that come hand and hand with this day. After all, it may not be the most romantic day of the year, but it certainly has the highest expectations for any couples or hopefuls out there.

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7 Worst: Cellsea

Cellsea brings with it some amazing and awful changes for our fantastic Big Mouth cast. Nick has been given a new phone (a hand me down in the family), which he immediately becomes obsessed with. To a very unhealthy extreme.Meanwhile, Matthew is falling for 'Pharmacy Boy' while also totally overthinking every interaction with his crush. And Jay has discovered a new show on Netflix (naturally) which may just help him discover the truth of his sexuality. Or so he hopes.

6 Best: Florida

Floria is the obligatory traveling episode. In this episode, Nick and Andrew are going to Florida – along with the rest of Andrew's family. Not ideal. The road trip brings unexpected trials, tribulations, and conflict to the crew.Meanwhile, Jay has found himself home alone – in a house about to be fumigated. Thank goodness he got out in time. Better yet, he's found himself a new family to take him in. And let's be honest here, at this point, anything is an improvement for him.

5 Worst: Obsessed

Obsessed is the episode immediately following Cellsea, and thus continues all of the insanity started in that issue. Nick is still completely into his phone, and they're pushing that phone-obsessed teen trope to the extreme here.Jay is still fawning – and freaking out – over 'Pharmacy Boy.' But at least Jay is over his new show. Instead, he's helping Missy write some erotic slashfic. And yes, you did, in fact, read that correctly.

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4 Best: How To Have An Orgasm

How To Have An Orgasm is this season's female-focused episode, once again going back to trying to teach Jessi about her body – and how to enjoy it. Connie is once again trying to help Jessi out, with some helpful and overwhelming coaching advice.Maurice and Andrew are having a similar series of events, but instead of being pleasure focused, their attention has been turned towards dick picks and their etiquette (or their lack thereof). And Nick isn't doing too well about his member.

3 Worst: Duke

For the first time ever, we're getting to learn about one of the ghosts residing in Nick's attic. And no, they're not explaining how they ended up there. Instead, they're talking about Duke Ellington and his journey in life.The whole point of the story? It's supposed to be how he lost his virginity, but also takes a look at how he ended up finding his path in life. Hopefully, the guys will take his tale to heart. Though that isn't very likely, given who we're talking about here.

2 Best: Rankings

Rankings – the classic tale of teenagers listing and ranking their classmates. It never goes well. Yet it's something that always happens. Even if it hurts dozens of hearts along the way. Here once again we see kids doing that, but with a few twists.It all starts with a bachelor party, but before you know it there's a digital app keeping track of the rankings, and a new student coming out as pansexual – which immediately brings her to the top of the lists. Much to Jay's frustration.

1 Worst: The ASSes

The ASSes is named after a series of tests the students in Big Mouth have to take. And their panic will feel familiar to anyone that has gone through the standardized testing routine. In fact, it may feel a little too familiar to some.In this episode, our panicking students find themselves getting a little bit of help, thanks to Jay's new prescription he got. All courtesy of the first adult that seemed to care about his education – a fact that seemed to go completely over his head.

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