Big Little Lies: 10 Questions Season 2 Needs to Answer

Big Little Lies is a powerful HBO series that has dazzled fans in just 7 episodes. We couldn't help but fall in love with Reese Witherspoon's Madeline and her "bulldog" approach. We instantly adored Shailene Woodley as Jane and rooted for her character's redemption since the beginning. Our hearts broke for Nicole Kidman's Celeste who, unfortunately, all too many women could relate to. We even grew to love Laura Dern's misunderstood role as Renata Klein, eye-patch and all!

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Our favorite ladies, who will be known to the town on the Pacific coast as the Monterey 5 in Season 2, have a lot of secrets to withhold in the next season and we can't wait for all of our burning questions to finally be revealed. Here are some of the key questions fans are itching for answers to.

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One of the biggest questions fans have (and that the detective investigating them has) is, why would these women lie about Perry's death? As we last left off, Perry was beating all of these women nearly to death at the Audrey Hepburn/Elvis Presley Trivia Night. Zoe Kravitz' Bonnie pushed him off as an act of self-defense against these women, who would've likely been severely injured or even killed if she hadn't rescued them.

As the detective stated, at worst the "crime" would give Celeste about 3 months of community service. Perhaps the matters are different considering that Celeste wasn't the one to push Perry, Bonnie was. Perhaps the lies are kept to save their reputations in the judgemental town of Monterey? We won't know for sure until season 2.


Since Bonnie was the one to push Perry, what will the potential consequences be for her character? If anything, she should be praised for defending her friends, but we all know this is unlikely to happen in a town like Monterey. It will be nice to see all of these women put aside their catty differences and come together after this one night of terror.

Will Bonnie be okay, mentally? After all, she seems to be quite a bit younger than the rest, and this might take a serious toll on her mental health. No yoga classes or meditation sessions will be able to drown out that night, so all we can hope for is that these women will be there for Bonnie after the incident.


Ed, played by the loveable Adam Scott, has always been cast as the underdog of Monterey. Surrounded by beautiful and wealthy Alphas, Scott's character is the clear Beta of the town and this fact, unfortunately, does more harm for him than good. Ed has a lot of anger stored inside, and understandably so.

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His wife, who happens to be the woman of his dreams, is cheating on him repeatedly with Joseph, the community theater director. Will he lash out? Will he end up leaving his wife? Will he try to make a move on Bonnie? Judging by Season 1, it definitely seems as though he has a thing for her. Only Season 2 will give us all of the answers.


Madeline and Joseph are not a casual fling, as we can see from the Season 2 trailer when the two are spotted sharing a passionate kiss. We know their relationship goes deeper than sex, as they have both confessed before, and they can't seem to be able to resist each other despite the huge risk their relationship poses.

In the Season 1 finale, it is clear that Joseph's wife is on to Madeline, as she kept throwing her sad glances at the Audrey/Elvis trivia night. She even flat out asked her at Madeline's Avenue Q opening night performance if she was the one who was having an affair with her husband. What sort of trouble will the affair get them into next season?


On a lighter note, will anything come of Tom and Jane's "relationship"? It would be nice for Jane to have a man in her life that she can feel safe with and potentially help her feel more protected (even though her monster is now dead), but it could be difficult for Jane to maintain a relationship at this time after all of the stress that occurred on trivia night.

Nothing is certain until the next season comes out, but Jane deserves to have some fun in her life after all of the pain she has gone through, and Tom seems to be the perfect gentle soul to put her at ease.


So, we find out towards the end of Season 1 that Max has been the one who has been hurting Amabella since the beginning, not Ziggy. Jane originally fears Ziggy is the one who is hurting Renata's daughter because she thinks violence might run in his DNA (considering who his biological father is), and she tells this to Celeste.

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This causes Celeste to literally jump in fright, because she knows what her husband is capable of and can understand why Max would be the one to hurt Amabella because of his father's DNA. What will end up happening with Max now that people know it was him who was hurting her, rather than Ziggy? Will they be able to cure his violent ways?


After the Season 1 finale, we have realized that Perry was the one who attacked Jane all along and got her pregnant against her will. This makes Max, Josh, and Ziggy half-brothers biologically. Will this play into the second season at all, or will Jane and Celeste keep their mouths shut about the whole situation?

Certainly, the kids will have a lot of questions that they want answered, about Perry and what happened to him. This will probably take a serious toll on Celeste. Although Perry was a total monster, her sons Max and Josh only know him as an amazing dad who is only a "monster" when he playfully pretends to be one around the kids as a joke. How will these kids manage to cope when everyone in the town will be talking about Perry's mysterious death, which is all being kept one big secret?


Jane and Celeste had a loving relationship in Season 1, although they weren't necessarily as close as say Madeline and Jane or Madeline and Celeste. They'd Facetime from time to time and have coffee, but clearly, they weren't as close as friends can get because Jane never once saw the famous Perry until trivia night.

Because they both suffered trauma from the same man? Will this strengthen their bond? How will Celeste cope with the fact that her husband hurt her best friend in such a terrible way?


As shown by the trailer for Season 2, Meryl Streep will be playing Perry's mother. She has a lot of suspicions about Celeste being the one who killed Perry, and it seems as though she will refuse to back down, interrogating the Monterey 5 until they crack.

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Will getting to know about Streep's character reveal more to viewers about how Perry grew up to be a monster, or was he just born that way? All we know is we cannot WAIT to see Streep go all Miranda Presley on everyone. "That's all."


The big question is, what will happen to these characters? What are the consequences of their "big little lies?" Will they stay in Monterey or leave the gossipy town for good? As beautiful as the place is, all the gorgeous sunsets and ocean views don't seem worth all of the endless drama and judgemental glares.

Perhaps Celeste will move with her sons and pursue her career as a lawyer, without a cruel husband to beat her because of her success. Maybe Madeline will continue to direct musicals with Joseph (or without him), because this seems to be a big passion of hers. Or maybe the outcome for all of the characters will be much darker than this. We will have to wait until Season 2. All will (hopefully) be revealed in June!

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