Big Little Lies Season 2 is Bringing Back Adam Scott

Big Little Lies season 2 is happening, and the show will be bringing back Adam Scott. Despite being originally pitched as a miniseries, the award-winning show will return with a star-studded second season presenting an original story by author Liane Moriarty that continues the stories of the characters.

The first season covered the events of Moriarty's 2014 best-selling novel, telling the story of three mothers who bond over their difficult personal histories while taking their children to their first day of kindergarten. The series tackled a number of controversial topics as Jane Chapman (Shailene Woodley) navigated a mystery that led to a deeper connection between herself and the other mothers. The five women realize that they're at the center of a dark affair involving Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgard). When Wright attacks his wife Celeste (Nicole Kidman) at a public event, she's saved by Bonnie Carlson (Zoë Kravitz). The season concludes with Perry's death but introduces a number of unresolved potential conflicts making a second season essential.

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According to Variety, Adam Scott's Ed Mackenzie might be at the center of one of those conflicts. The end of the first season saw Madeline Mackenzie (Reese Witherspoon) confessing that she'd cheated on Ed and according to Variety he'll be confronting that challenge, and possibly others in their relationship. The star is confirmed to return alongside Witherspoon, Kidman, Woodley, Laura Dern, and Kravitz. Meryl Streep will also appear as Mary Louise Wright, Perry's mother.

Scott currently stars on the Fox supernatural comedy Ghosted opposite Craig Robinson. Previous credits include The Disaster Artist, Wet Hot American Summer: 10 years later, Parks & Recreation, and the beloved The Good Placewhere he plays Trevor. With a wide range of credits like this, it makes Scott the perfect returning cast member to join such a star-studded ensemble for Big Little Lies season 2, able to tackle whatever the show throws at the characters.

Kidman and Witherspoon will once again executive produce the show in addition to starring. David E. Kelley, who wrote and produced the first season, will return to his role as well. Andrea Arnold, best known for 2016's American Honey, will be joining the team, stepping behind the camera to direct all seven episodes for the show. If the first season taught viewers anything, there are sure to be a lot of surprises.

After all, from Bonnie Carlson stepping in to save Celeste to Madeline confessing that she cheated on Ed, the loss of Perry Wright's villainy may have saved the women involved in the show, but there are clearly a number of threads that still need to be unraveled. Throw in Streep, who will presumably take a large role, and things are going to get very interesting for the characters of the show. Delivering incredibly smart storytelling and powerful female leads, Big Little Lies can't return soon enough for HBO fans.

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Source: Variety

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