Big Little Lies: 10 Best One-Liners From Madeline

With Big Little Lies in full swing of its second season, this list hopes to throw it back to Madeline Martha Mackenzie's best one-liners of the series

While Big Little Lies is in full swing of its second season, this list hopes to throw it back to Madeline Martha Mackenzie's best one-liners of the first season. Big Little Lies follows the seemingly perfect lives of upper-class mothers who have elementary school children, but their lives slowly begin to unravel as they intertwine with one another.

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Madeline Martha Mackenzie, played by the brilliant Reese Witherspoon, is full of strength, sass, and incredibly blunt quotes. Here are 10 of her best, each dripping with the power and fearlessness we all know Madeline to have.

10 'She probably gives mint-flavored organic BJs' (Episode One)

This blunt and pretty insulting one-liner has us all cringing and laughing at its sheer brilliance. Delivered with Madeline's impressive ease, she is, of course, talking about none other than the beautiful Bonnie. What's worse than having your ex-husband actually try in his second relationship with his second kid? Probably that his second wife is absolutely perfect and there's literally nothing to hate about her. But oh, does Madeline try.

9 'Everyone in this town assumes I'm the root cause of everything' (Episode Two)

If there's one thing we have to admire about Madeline, it's definitely her self-awareness. You can say what you want about this firecracker, but she full-on accepts that she's the first domino in most of the drama in Monterey.

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Again, the bluntness and sheer acceptance of this line definitely gave us all a laugh. (We're also not denying the truth behind this one.)

8 'I'm a lady, and I've never said this to anyone, but go f**k yourself in the head' (Episode 2)

Ah, the quaint and polite lady Miss Madeline Martha Mackenzie. She is a lady, but she definitely isn't a fearful one, and she definitely isn't taking any crap from anyone. We're all asking the same thing as Abigail, "the head?", but we're still applauding her attempt at being a lady speaking in private. Really, she's never succeeded at either of these things, and that's pretty okay with us.

7 'I love my grudges; I tend to them like little pets' (Episode 2)

The second episode of this season is bursting with Madeline-awesomeness, and we're loving every single second of it.

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Honestly, every woman watching this is definitely lying if they didn't burst out in laughter during this perfect line (cause let's be honest, you can relate). Don't ever tell a woman to get over it; she feeds off it, and Madeline is definitely getting her fill.

6 'I want more!' (Episode 3)

We can practically all envision this scene in our heads, and honestly, it's pretty empowering when Celeste and Madeline take turns honking the car horn as they laugh and chant this simple line.

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Women, especially mothers, should never be ashamed to follow their dreams and to want a life outside of caregiving. We all want more, and honestly, we all deserve it. We're digging the woman-supporting-woman thing these two have going on.

5 'Exactly how psychotic do you think I am?' (Episode 4)

Honestly, Madeline, we think you're probably not perfect upstairs, but none of these realistic and honest characters are. Again, Madeline's self-awareness strikes us with this blunt and unimpressed one-liner. When Ed questions what she's going to do at dinner with Bonnie and Nathan, we know he's asking to protect them all, but Madeline is willing to at least TRY to be civil. She knows what she's capable of, and we don't suggest you poke the bear.

4 'Maybe I should get a gun...there's more than one person I'd like to shoot in this town' (Episode 5)

What makes this line even more hilarious than its face value is how Madeline's face reads of complete, serious contemplation while she delivers this perfect quote.

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After condemning Jane for having her own weapon, and listening to her side, you can see Madeline's wheels turning. We know she has a lot of enemies, and again, we do not suggest poking this angry and intelligent bear.

3 "What a c*nt...why don't you get f**ked?' (Episode 2)

Of all of Madeline's quotes, and we're not denying many of them are vulgar, this one might just take the cake. When Madeline resorts to vulgar name-calling and sexual suggestions, we know she's pretty ticked off, and those moments aren't exactly her finest. However, we couldn't leave out this brilliant and absolutely shocking (and hilarious) attack on Renata Klein. She isn't afraid to be heard, in fact, we're sure she wants to be, and we're incredibly glad we're not Renata Klein in this fiery scene. (And come on, it was kind of satisfying).

2 'Just tell me to go f**k myself' (Episode 6)

Madeline, we'd never tell you this, out of fear and out of absolute respect. However, this line sums up Madeline's character pretty darn well. She's definitely not afraid to say what's on her mind, but again, she's more than aware that it might not exactly come with honey. Madeline likes to catch flies with vinegar, and she'll tell you so, but at least she cares about how her friends receive her blunt-nature.

1 'Well, I'm feeling a little excluded' (Episode 7)

Out of all the quotes on this list, we're definitely concluding that this is Madeline Martha Mackenzie summed up into six short words. There's nothing that Madeline isn't interested in, and in fact, she's usually the eye of the storm. When Gordon comes to talk to Jane, she definitely isn't going to let herself not be involved. Madeline clearly gets her fill settling and being involved in drama, and this is just one of the things we can't help but love when watching her.

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Madeline is definitely a firecracker, and while you might not agree with everything she does, you can't help but love her passion and her fearlessness.

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