Big Lebowski Spinoff Reportedly Being Made by John Turturro

Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski

Joel and Ethan Coen (Hail, Caesar!) have produced many a critically-acclaimed movie over the course of their collective thirty-plus years in the filmmaking industry. Building a reputation on the back of a decided flair for dark social satires that have occasionally flirted with the basic studio comedy formula, one of the Coen Brothers' best-known works is that of their 1998 sleeper hit and cult-classic film, The Big Lebowski.

Starring Jeff Bridges (The Little Prince) in the lead role as an underachieving stoner living a quiet life of ill-repute in Los Angeles (in the midst of the Gulf War era circa 1991), the famous film playfully references the greatest works of American novelist Raymond Chandler. Well-known for its wildly imaginative blend of gallows humor and private eye sub-genre digressions, many Big Lebowski fans have pondered whether the Coen Brothers film will ever get a sequel - and what form it would take, too. As fat would have it though, a spinoff film may actually be in the works.

According to Birth.Movies.Death, the purple clad, bowling, sex criminal Jesus Quintana of Big Lebowski fame is set for a return to the big screen. The actor behind the character, John Turturro, is reportedly playing the Jesus character in the now-filming Going Places. Based on the original French comedy Les Valseuses of 1974, Turturro's new movie centers on two petty thieves (one of whom is the Jesus himself) who engage in an encounter and attempted coupling with a woman seeking to experience her first orgasm.

The Big Lebowski The Jesus Still

Joined by A-list co-stars Bobby Cannavale (Vinyl), Audrey Tautou (The Da Vinci Code), and Susan Sarandon (About Ray), Turturro's Going Places will likely serve as a followup to The Big Lebowski in spirit only, though just how much material it will cover from the original film is largely unknown. That being said, it will be exciting to see Jesus Quintana again, and perhaps the Coen Brothers themselves might even lend a hand (in some shape or form) to the production as it continues to get underway in New York.

While Going Places may only serve as a Big Lebowski spinoff, the presence of such an iconic character as Jesus Quintana alone will probably attract a sizable audience to Turturro's latest creative venture as an actor and director. For now, only time will tell how closely tied to the original Coen Brothers film Turturro's latest will be (in addition to just what kinds of shenanigans the Jesus has been up to since the 199os).   

Screen Rant will bring you more information on Going Places as it becomes available.

Source: Birth.Movies.Death.

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