Big Iron Man Set Visit Report

UPDATE: Not one, not two, but THREE video interviews are up at Click here to watch 'em!

One of the lucky dog-faced movie reporters over at MTV (just kidding guys, I'm just really jealous!) had the opportunity to visit the set of Jon Favreau's in-progress Iron Man movie and came away with a very happy report.

The guy who wrote the report (his name is not mentioned in the article) is obviously a fan of the Iron Man of the comic book and he seemed almost giddy about the visit and what he heard and saw. :-)

Among the info bits from the article, here's a description of how well Downey fits into the character:

"Downey is living out a childhood fantasy by immersing himself in that character. Transformed by a sharp suit, purple dress shirt and triangular goatee, he strikes a pose in the middle of the leather-and-glass-dominated Stark Enterprises office. It's as if we're eyeballing a freshly inked comic panel."

And a warm and fuzzy description of the Iron Man helmet:

"...when director Jon Favreau walks in carrying the trademark mask, the chills are reminiscent of the first time you saw Superman fly across a movie screen or Spidey slinging his web. Activating a button near the mask, the Iron icon springs to life, shining lights out of each eye. Sleek, metallic and intimidating, the mask walks a fine line between the practicality of Green Goblin and the homespun warmth of the Rocketeer."

Regarding the Iron Man armor:

"Robert is very good with the suit. ... [Iron Man] flies, he can shoot repulsor beams out of the palms of his hands and out of his chest. He has a lot of little gadgets that are rigged up into the armor, using other Stark technologies that are used on weapons systems for aircraft."

And our fears of Tony Stark vs his dad, Howard Stark are laid to rest:

"In the adjoining entranceway, two elevators are accompanied by a green-and-gold bust of Tony's deceased dad Howard Stark, founder of Stark Industries."

And to finish up, a couple of the best quotes (for me, anyway) of the interview...

By Jon Favreau:

"'From what I've seen, one of the most spectacular sequences has Iron Man flying and dog-fighting with F-22 jet fighters,' Favreau beams, proud as a papa. '[He battles] the Raptors, the state-of-the-art for weapons technology.'"

After which, Downey chimes in with:

"But sadly, they're no match for the suit."

How freaking happy am I right now? :-)

For the entire story click on the image above or the following link.

Source: via Advanced Dark

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