Huge Iron Man 2 (and 3!) Movie Update

Did you think Iron Man was awesome? Although Iron Man 2 is still a year and a half away are you dying to find out what we have to look forward to?

Yeah, me too, and luckily thanks to the good folks over at C.H.U.D. there's a TON of info about not only the next film but some hints about Iron Man 3 as well!

  • Director Jon Favreau has been working hard on the script with writer Justin Theroux. Robert Downey Jr. is also involved in the scriptwriting process.
  • Terrence Howard gets to play War Machine in the next film.
  • Favreau will have more time on screen as Tony Stark's driver/bodyguard Happy Hogan.
  • The series is being planned as a trilogy (which I've reported here quite a while ago).
  • Although classic Iron Man villain "The Mandarin" is the behind the scenes villain across the trilogy, Favreau is being very careful with the transition to the big screen. He doesn't want him to seem goofy or introduce "magic rings" into the movies.
  • While he wants to keep the next two movies very character driven, he is aware that the action was lacking in the first film, especially in the final battle scene. He plans on upping the action quotient in Iron Man 2.
  • Now this one's a bit confusing... He wants to leave the dark superhero thing to The Dark Knight and keep the Iron Man franchise more simple and fun - but he is planning on bringing the "Demon in a Bottle" storyline into the films. This is the story where Stark succumbs to alcoholism and loses everything. How you keep a movie "fun" while showing the destruction of Tony Stark due to alcoholism seems like an oxymoron to me.

Speculation Alert: From what I know of Iron Man's history in the comics, I'm betting that Iron Man 2 may be The Empire Strikes Back of the Iron Man trilogy: It will be the film that shows the downfall of Tony Stark, necessitating Rhodey stepping up as War Machine to fight some adversary. We may also be treated to scenes of Stark wearing the armor while drunk.

Iron Man 3 would be the "return of the hero" and the final, face to face showdown with a technology-driven Mandarin.

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Thanks. :-P

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