14 Things We Want to See in Disney's Big Hero 6 TV Show

Big Hero 6

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article stated that Pixar was behind Big Hero 6.

Disney is making a habit of satisfying its audiences by bringing back their favorite characters in blockbuster sequels like Toy Story 3 and Finding Dory, so it was only natural that once audiences fell in love with Big Hero 6, a series of rumors surrounding sequels began to circulate the internet. The initial film was released back in 2014, and many fans have been growing impatient for news of Hiro and Baymax's return to the screen. That is until very recently.

However, the long-expected announcement was not that of the traditional sequel. Big Hero 6 will be returning to much smaller screens in 2017, when a TV series is set to air on Disney XD. It is said that the TV series will follow up from where the film left off and continue the adventures of Hiro, Baymax and the gang. However with little more than that to go off, fans are left wondering as to what exactly they're in store for with the TV series. Although we don't yet have any answers, we certainly know what people will eagerly be hoping for in the highly anticipated animated series. Here are 14 Things We Want To See In Disney's Big Hero 6 TV Show.

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14 More of its comic book roots

Big Hero 6 main characters

The cinematic version of Big Hero 6 was based off of the little-known Marvel comic of the same name, but it was overtly different. The story, settings and characters had all been changed drastically before it reached the big screen. With its massive success, there is no doubt that the changes made were the right decision, but we can't help but wonder if they could include some more of the original source material in the upcoming series.

With so many fundamental changes made, it could perhaps be difficult for them to incorporate more of the original material. However, due to the amount of changes made, it means a lot of the original adventures remains unused, so there's a lot more for them to explore in the series. With a host of backstories, characters and scenarios changed, there could be ways for them to alter the original elements to incorporate them into the series' episodes.

13 More of Hiro's backstory

Hiro and his brother in Big Hero 6

Every good superhero needs to have a tragic backstory or origin story that makes audiences fall in love with them. In the movie, Hiro's came when he lost his beloved older brother in a dramatic fire where he chose to play the hero. We would definitely love to see more of his brother Tadashi in the series in the form of flashbacks, and it could add some more depth to Hiro's character and his loss.

In the comic book, Hiro's backstory revolves around losing his parents. His mother is taken away by an evil supernatural creature named Everwraith, and he also went on to lose his father (instead of a brother) before embarking on his adventures with Baymax. Given that in the movie, Hiro lives with his auntie instead of his parents (Spider-Man, anyone?) there is room for them to include a tale about his parents that happened before the film took place. However, they might need to add some Disney sparkle to his mother's death, as the super villain Everwraith is incredibly sinister and made up  of the souls of victims from the atomic bomb attacks in Japan at the end of World War II. Perhaps they might need to alter the villain a bit to make him more age appropriate for the XD audience, but there is no denying he would make for a compelling onscreen big bad.

12 Marvel crossovers and integration

The Avengers

Big Hero 6 was Disney's first Marvel animated film released in theaters, and it definitely managed to fuse the spirit of the two legendary companies. Many noticed the influence of Marvel in similarities between the plot line, costume designs, and even the technology featured with that of live-action Marvel films. We would like it to go a step further and integrate fully with the Marvel Universe. Although they created a fictional city for the film (and its therefore debatable as to if it could still be in the same MCU that we've come to know and love) there is definitely room for some of the other heroes to join Baymax and Hiro in their adventures.

For instance, the characters Silver Samurai and Sunfire were both members of the Big Hero 6 team in parts of the comics. However due to them being in the X-Men universe, it's likely that 20th Century Fox have the rights to them. There are plenty of other possibilities though that could make for some very exciting adventures. Marvel fan-favorite hero Spider-Man also featured in the comics, and we think him and Hiro would make a perfect fit.

While a full-on integration into the MCU is a definite longshot, we'd be more than happy to just see a few Marvel heroes pop into the action every now and then.

11 Some science lessons

Big Hero 6 science lessons

Big Hero 6 made a conscious effort to be in touch with science and present itself as heavily pro-science. We have no doubt this will carry on in the TV series, and we're hoping it becomes an ongoing theme. Not only would we like them to try and keep in touch with science, but given that it is supposed to be a kids show, it would be nice to see them use the opportunity to teach the audience some cool science facts, Bill Nye-style.

Even though many fans of Big Hero 6 don't fit into the Disney XD usual child demographic, we are sure their choice of science lessons would be creative and interesting enough to keep our attention. Having accurate scientific information taught to the audience would also be a great way to get the series more of the attention and respect that could aid it in continuing its run and earning more of the high praise that the movie received.

10 More celebration of Asian culture

Asian culture in Big Hero 6

The original Big Hero 6 comics were set in Tokyo, Japan and had a cast of Japanese characters who were working for the government. Although the film changed this aspect of the story (amalgamating Tokyo with the American city of San Francisco), it was still largely inspired by the the former, and incorporated it into its fictional city of San Fransokyo. The city was a combination of eastern and western culture that celebrated and embraced diversity. The characters of Hiro and Tadashi were also both animated as being part Asian and voiced by mixed Asian actors.

With this in mind, we would love for the animated series to follow suit and celebrate the story's Asian routes. Perhaps it could introduce more Asian characters or incorporate Asian traditions or values into the series. It would not only be a great message to children about cultural diversity, but would also be great representation for a culture that is so often underrepresented (or misrepresented) in the media.

9 Maintain the quality animation

Big Hero 6 San Fransokyo

Disney's blockbuster films have blown us away with their animation quality time and time again. Big Hero 6 followed suit, stunning us with its detailed and beautiful pictures. It stunned at the cinema in IMAX 3D with scenes such as Baymax and Hiro flying through a three dimensional cityscape, making San Fransokyo one of Disney's most ambitious worlds to date. However, a Disney XD series isn't guaranteed to have as much high quality cinematography.

Also, Marvel animated TV series have faced some criticism in the past about their animation quality. If you cast your mind back to some of Disney's old TV movie sequels or series adaptations, the standards of the animation on display noticeably slipped. It's potentially the biggest concern for the TV series, and one that could ruin the Big Hero 6 legacy. Here's hoping that they deliver the brilliant animation quality we are hoping for.

8 The same cast as the movie

BIG HERO 6 cast

The performances in Big Hero 6 were the icing on the cake and contributed to the movie being the cinematic joy that it was. The leading voice of Hiro by Ryan Potter provided the perfect character to headline the movie, and could definitely carry the TV show as well.

Given the success of the film, we are sure the cast would like to return to their parts for the TV, and we're even more certain that the production team would want them back. There is a worry that if the voice actors were changed that it would affect the character's humor, chemistry and personality as well. It would be a massive risk to use different actors for the series, but there's always a chance that they may go with it for the sake of convenience or budget (the careers of stars like TJ Miller have certainly taken off in the last year or two, so the original cast could prove to be a bit too expensive).

Sure, some children in the audience might not notice a small change in voices from the movie, but given that Disney fans tend to exceed the child demographic, it would definitely not go unnoticed.

7 More great cameos

Stan Lee Big Hero 6

Stan Lee consistently steals the show in Marvel films with his legendary cameo appearances and Disney made sure that its first big screen animated Marvel film was no different. Aside from using their classic easter egg skills (featuring him in a painting in the background during the film), they also had him star in the surprise credits scene. His cameo went down well with the audiences who stayed around through the credits to witness it, and we think they could create a habit of it. Why not have him feature in one of the series episodes as well?

Furthermore, why stop at Stan Lee? They could have a selection of familiar faces (or voices) appear in the series as some of the characters that Hiro and his team come across in their adventures. Given how successful the movie was, we are sure there would be plenty of big names who would be happy to lend their likeness to the show for a scene, an episode, or even for a recurring role. Not only would it be good publicity for the series, but it would keep fans excited for some of the fresh roles that the series will bring.

6 A romance between two characters

Romance in Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 was a touching story of friendship and adventure that warmed our hearts with its sweet sentiment. However, in order to maintain its adorable Disney magic going episode after episode, it may need to add a new element to the story, and we have just the thing: romance. As much as the movie thrived without it -- and as cringe worthy and cheesy it could be if they didn't pull it off properly -- we think a romance between two characters in the team could offer fans something fresh within the TV series that the movie didn't offer.

Fans are already pairing up Hiro with the likes of Honey Lemon or GoGo Tomago, but we think it would be a safer bet to have the romance be a subplot between two secondary characters, and leave Hiro to focus on his friendship with Baymax. It would be a great way to develop the other characters further and keep audiences rooting for the couple to confess their love for one another. Don't get us wrong, we don't want a  romance to be the center of attention for the series. We just think it would be nice for some of the gang to find time for love too.

5 The series leading to a film sequel

Big Hero 6

Since the film's release in 2014, fans have eagerly awaited for news of a sequel. Fans were thrilled when their wishes were granted in the form of the TV series announcement. However, a Disney TV series may not quite quench our thirst for more of Baymax and Hiro the way a blockbuster movie could. Despite excitement now growing for the TV series among fans, we still can't help but wonder if another Big Hero 6 movie will ever surface for the fans.

With no confirmation saying another film has been ruled out, fans could be in for a bigger treat than they could have ever hoped for. Imagine if we got both a TV series and a film sequel, it would be beyond our wildest dreams! In an ideal scenario, the film sequel would actually acknowledge the adventures from the series and picked up from where they left off. It would give time for the characters to grow and develop more prior to the film sequel, and test run potential villains or new characters for the sequel.

4 More focus on the other characters

Secondary characters of Big Hero 6

You may have noticed that Big Hero 6 centred primarily around Hiro and Baymax, leaving the other characters in the gang a bit short on plotlines, backstories, and in some cases, dialogue. The secondary characters were just that: secondary. It didn't have much of a negative impact on the movie anyway, as it allowed us to focus on the two main characters and the story at hand. But there's no denying that the other characters gave the film something extra, and we think the TV series would be a great chance to let some of those characters shine and develop on their own.

Not to mention the fact that in the comic series, the others in the gang (such as Honey Lemon and Wasabi) had much bigger parts to play and were more involved in the plot lines. It would also be an opportunity to keep new stories coming naturally if certain episodes focused on each of the secondary characters and their backstories and side adventures. Who knows, it could even lead to them having their own spinoff at some point.

3 The comic book Baymax featuring in another role

Baymax in Big hero 6 comic

You may not be aware of this, but the comic book Baymax was far from the big white friendly inflatable blob you see in the movie. Let us introduce you to Monster Baymax. In the comic books, Monster Baymax is a shape shifting mutant that was initially designed by Hiro as a science project, and later altered to have the thoughts and emotions of Hiro's dead father.

Monster Baymax regularly appears as a large humanoid male to remain inconspicuous to others. But when he launches into action, he has two other forms that are called 'Battle-Dragon' and 'Action-Mecha' which are super powerful and super awesome. With some form of animation redesign to make Monster Baymax and his multiple forms fit into their animated universe, he could make for a great character in the TV series. Whether it was as a team mate, a villain, or merely a one-off cameo appearance, we think it would be not only a great addition to the story, but also a respectful nod to the comics that inspired it.

2 More of San Fransokyo

Sanfransokyo in Big Hero 6

Disney's decision to merge Eastern and Western culture to create the fictional city of San Fransokyo proved to be a popular one that paid great respects to both American and Japanese architecture and cultures. It also made for some beautiful backgrounds and scenery for the story to unravel in. Additionally, it leaves some great open opportunities for the story to develop in the TV series. Given that the story will be set in this fictional world that Disney created especially for it, there are fewer limitations to locations for the stories and places for the characters to go.

Imagine how much of the city could be explored through flight, car chases and battle scenes, just like it was in the film. If one movie could show us so many amazing sights of the make believe city, then just imagine how much a whole series could show us when characters are travelling around it in each and every episode we see.

1 More villains

Yokai Big Hero 6 villain

If there is one thing every superhero story needs, it's a memorable villain. Since we now have a whole series full of stories to play with, we are hoping to see a whole array of super villains worthy of the Marvel and Disney universes. Both Marvel and Disney have proven they can create some pretty awesome villains in their time, and it would be a great opportunity for the production team to take inspiration from both legacies to create some monstrous baddies. The only thing better than a terrifying villain is a whole team of them, so why not go a step further and create a rival team that serve as counterpoints to the Big Hero 6 squad?

We can't wait to see what new villains they come up with, but we also hope to see some familiar Marvel and Disney villains in there too. We have already spoken about how much we would love to see integration into the Marvel universe and crossovers with Disney, and villains are no exception. Bring on the bad guys!


What do you want to see in the Big Hero 6 TV show? Did we miss anything that you want to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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