Big Hero 6 TV Show Promo Teases Fall Premiere Date

Big Hero 6 Sequel Movie

Released in 2014, Big Hero 6 proved itself to be the highest grossing animated movie of that year, taking over $657 million worldwide. The movie was based on the Marvel comic of the same name, and introduced a much wider audience to the young robotics prodigy, Hiro, and his squishy healthcare companion, Baymax. The movie was fully deserving of a sequel of some kind, and it's perhaps no bad thing that that sequel has come in the form of a TV series to air on Disney XD. The longevity that a TV series offers means there's more chance to explore Hiro and Baymax's adventures as part of the Big Hero 6, with their friends Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Go-Go, and Fred.

It might have been a little over 2 years since Big Hero 6 was released, but the movie is still very much loved, especially the character of Baymax, who is easily one of Marvel's more endearing characters. Fans will rightly greet the newly-released short teaser for the show with great excitement; particularly as it also contains a vague release date of this fall. Watch the clip, above.

Few details have been released regarding the show thus far; we know that the majority of the original characters and voice cast will be returning, including Hiro (Ryan Potter), Baymax (Scott Adsit), Go-Go (Jamie Chung), Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez), Alistair Krei (Alan Tudyk), Aunt Cass (Maya Rudolph), Heathcliff (David Shaughnessy), and Fred’s father (Stan Lee). The Big Hero 6 series will pick up where the movie left off; with Hiro as he takes up his place to study Robotics at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. The show will also follow the Big Hero 6 as they try to protect their city from scientifically-enhanced villains. As with the movie, the TV show will also focus on the emotional side of the story, too, as Hiro adapts to being the young prodigy on campus.

Big Hero 6 poster

The teaser above might only be short, but that familiar "Falalalala" from Baymax will immediately warm even the coldest of hearts. Disney XD have been responsible for many excellent animated series in recent years, including Star Wars Rebels and Ultimate Spider-Man, so it seems safe to assume that Big Hero 6 will be in good hands, especially with so many of the voice cast willing to return.

It could well be that Big Hero 6 will prove a huge smash for the channel; the movie introduced inspirational characters for children of all genders, as well as, of course, Baymax, who proved to be wildly popular for his bumbling, affectionate, caring ways and amusing catchphrases. The potential for merchandise is also worth considering, and given the way other Disney XD or Disney Channel programs fare with their merch in stores, Big Hero 6 could end up doing really well in that regard, too. Many will still hold out hope for a full-length movie sequel to Big Hero 6, but a TV series seems like more than a fair compromise. Hours of more Baymax to enjoy!

Big Hero 6 will arrive on Disney XD in the fall.

Source: Disney XD

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