Big Hero 6 Animated Series First Clip Revealed at #SDCC

Big Hero 6 The Series Disney XD

Disney XD  has revealed first-look footage from the new Big Hero 6 animated TV series at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, and the clip has since debuted online.

Disney Animation's first exploitation of their ownership of Marvel Studios, Big Hero 6 was a fun and touching animated superhero adventure when in was released back in November of 2014. The loose big screen adaptation of an obscure Marvel comic of the same name, Big Hero 6 served as an origin story of sorts for Hiro Hamada and his band of superhero misfits, including the cuddly inflatable smart robot Baymax. It was a big hit for the Mouse House, grossing over $650 million dollars worldwide and winning Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards. With so many more adventures to take this team on, yet a limited amount of opportunities and budget to do it on the big screen, Disney decided to task Kim Possible creators with developing a television series based on the film.

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Set to premiere this fall, Disney XD fans got a first look at in-show footage from the Big Hero 6 series at San Diego Comic-Con, and now the footage has been released online. The scene features Hiro and Baymax infiltrating the underground lair of a villain by the name of Baron Von Steamer. The duo narrowly escape the dangers of booby traps, but are trapped inside the lair with an oncoming train rushing full steam ahead towards them. Thinking fast, Hiro has Baymax lift the tracks to direct the train upwards, hopefully saving the day for the unlikely pairing.

Big Hero 6 The Series Disney XD

The scene retains a lot of the same elements of the Big Hero 6 film, albeit on a 2D animation budget meant for television. The show retains a lot of the same cast as the original film, only losing Damon Wayans Jr. and T.J. Miller to other projects. Most importantly, Scott Adsit returns as Baymax, and so the deadpan comedic delivery that made the character so memorable is retained along with his capable physical strength. The sequence is a good mix of action and humor, a promising start for a series looking to retain what made the original film so entertaining.

Prior to this scene, the only footage seen from the series was the opening credits sequence released earlier this week. Visually, the series resembles a mixture of Kim Possible and Jackie Chan Adventures, with a slight bit of Teen Titans mixed in there as well. Disney XD has confidence in the series, renewing it for a second season months before the show premieres. Expect to see more from the Big Hero 6 show when it gets closer to its undisclosed premiere date this fall.

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