'Big Hero 6' Clips: Tech Nerds and Future Superheroes

The main characters in Big Hero 6

Walt Disney Animation Studios is coming off its biggest success yet with Frozen, so it's all the more fitting that the Mouse House will follow up that Oscar-winning, billion dollar-grossing, animated musical feature with something special in Big Hero 6, the first Disney animated film adaptation of a Marvel comic book property. As discussed on the SRU editors' podcast breakdown of the New York Comic-Con footage, Big Hero 6 is shaping up to be the perfect marriage between the sensibilities of the Marvel universe and the world of Disney animation.

Big Hero 6, for those unfamiliar, takes place in a futuristic East/West cultural melting pot city known as San Fransokyo, where the young Hiro Hamda (voiced by Ryan Potter) discovers that his home is the target for a dangerous criminal plot engineered by a mysterious super-villain. Hiro, with assistance from the plush and lovable robot Baymax (Scott Adsit) - created by Hiro's older brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney) - decides it's time to put his technological know-how to good use, and recruits a pack of his fellow tech nerds to form a team of technologically-assisted superheroes and save the day.

More recent trailers for Big Hero 6 have showcased the eponymous group working together, after they've formed their respective superhero identities (and built their own Iron Man-esque tech-powered suits to go with them). However, in the series of newly-released clips included below, we see Hiro's first encounter with Tadashi's science lab coworkers and future Big Hero 6 team members, including the tough and stoic Go-Go (Jamie Chung); tidy and organized Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.); enthusiastic and (easily) excitable Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez); and chill, self-declared "science enthusiast" Fred (T.J. Miller).

The personalities of Big Hero 6's main human characters all look to be distinctly unique and likable, though it's already clear that the robot Baymax (and his relationship with Hiro in particular) will provide the movie with an extra dose of good will and heart. Furthermore, although it's not been heavily emphasized in the film's marketing (the Japanese trailer aside), Big Hero 6 looks to tackle similar poignant themes and subject matter as that covered in recent Disney animated features (Frozen especially), courtesy of directors Don Hall (Winnie the Pooh) and Chris Williams (Bolt).

In summation: Big Hero 6 appears to be another winner from the House of Mouse, and one that we're eagerly anticipating getting to see on the big screen. That's all the more true for the members of our staff who got to watch the impressive action sequences that were showcased during the movie's NYCC panel...


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Big Hero 6 opens in U.S. theaters on November 7th, 2014.

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