Green Lantern Movie To Have Iron Man Vibe

We've got some good stuff regarding the Green Lantern movie from a couple of different sources. Both SuperHeroHype and Collider had a chance to talk to producer Donald De Line about the upcoming Warner Bros./DC Comics film - and so far it's sounding promising.

Here are the bullet points for you:

  • They're definitely going with the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern.
  • A lot of time will be used to establish the character of Hal Jordan, so that audiences can connect with him prior to acquiring the ring that gives him his superpowers.
  • Big stakes and big action, but there will be humor in the film (think a similar tone to Iron Man, rather than The Dark Knight).
  • They are in pre-production, they have a production designer and a costume designer and they're heading to Australia next week to scout locations.
  • They are NOT going for a younger Hal Jordan - they're looking for someone in their late 20's/early 30's.

I'm pretty excited about this one - while I've never been a huge reader of the comic book, I've always been a fan of the character. While many people (myself included) think that Batman is the DC analogue to Marvel Comics' Iron Man, there are others that say that Green Lantern is actually a better DC version of the armored avenger because he is also superpowered, but through technology.

So what do you think? After the Anton Yelchin scare, does this make you feel better about the film?

Green Lantern is currently scheduled to open on December 16, 2010.

Sources: SuperHeroHype, Collider

Image Source: Joe Bergeron

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