The Best Twitter Accounts For Big Brother Spoilers

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What are best Twitter accounts to follow to keep up to date on the latest Big Brother spoilers? Big Brother is one of the first shows to make reality television popular. The simple premise finds a group of strangers placed together in a house filled with cameras, with the show following how they interact as they are cut off from the outside world. The HouseGuests are also assigned tasks and other activities to spice up the game from time to time, with the final contestant awarded a handsome cash prize.

For a show that's considered somewhat fluffy, Big Brother borrows its name and central concept from George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984. The show is often credited, alongside the likes of American Idol and Survivor, with making reality shows popular. The show was originally a Dutch production before being sold worldwide. The U.S. version of Big Brother has been running since 2000 with Julie Chen (The Talk) having hosted every season to date.

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While the show is still a consistently strong performer for CBS (The Big Bang Theory), recent seasons have been met with a mostly negative reception. Big Brother seasons 19 and 20 were both criticized for the conduct of certain HouseGuests with BB19, in particular, considered one of the worst seasons of the show. That said, the long-running reality series still has a large fanbase, and those seeking to catch up with the latest happenings in the house should check out the following Twitter accounts:

Big Brother Season 19 Cast

Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother)

Of course, when it comes to staying updated with all things Big Brother the show's official Twitter account @CBSBigBrother should be the first stop for fans. This account is updated frequently with the latest news and video clips from the show. They also keep up to date with spinoff Celebrity Big Brother.

Big Brother Daily (@BB_Updates)

Just like the name implies, Twitter account @BB_Updates provides constant updates and spoilers for both Big Brother U.S. and Celebrity Big Brother while they air. This account is pretty comprehensive so fans won't have to worry about missing out on the latest drama.

Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet)

Twitter account @bigbrothernet has been providing coverage of the show since 2009 and is another great source of info on the latest Big Brother spoilers. They also have a website that provides information on past and present seasons of the show,

With Big Brother season 21 expected to arrive sometime in June 2019, any of the above accounts should provide followers of the hit CBS show with all the spoilers and gossip they could desire.

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