Big Brother: 5 Showmances That Are Still Together (& 5 That Aren’t)

Big Brother is pretty much the king of reality TV, and has spawned a lot of romances. Some of these relationships lasted... some did not.

Big Brother seems to have a better success rate for romance than The Bachelor. Over the 21 seasons of the American series’ run thus far, there have been countless couplings, referred to as “showmances,” many of which have led to marriage and kids.

Sure, some partnerships were short-lived, fizzling out once the season did. Some went on for a while before ending quietly, or blowing up into controversy, as was the case with Natalie Negrotti and James Huling’s split, which was anything but amicable.

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Most recently, many of the couplings from season 20 are still together. Swaggy C proposed to Bayleigh live on the finale, and they are supposedly still happy together and planning their wedding. Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans are also still together, celebrating their one-year anniversary, as are Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher, who reportedly continued to date long distance and may be looking to move in together.

There are plenty of other romances from seasons past, some of which are still solid after so many years, and others that didn’t make it for the long-haul.

10 Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder (Season 11,13): Still Together

The poster couple for Big Brother showmances, Jeff and Jordan were adorable together, and still are. Jordan took home the top prize, though she and Jeff worked closely together through the season while in their showmance. He, meanwhile, took home the America’s Favorite Houseguest award.

They returned to compete a second time in season 13, and like other former Big Brother showmance couples, also appeared on The Amazing Race.

Jeff proposed to Jordan live on the series during a returning visit in a later season. Now married, they have two sons together.

9 Mark Jansen and Elena Davies (Season 19): Split Up

Despite Mark’s clear affection for Elena, she often appeared disinterested in him. She said this was because she didn’t want a relationship to interfere with her game and did not want to portray herself in such a way on the series. There was some chemistry there, though, and the pair started dating outside of the house once the season was over.

However, it wasn’t meant to be as they split up in February of this year, Mark confirmed on his podcast, calling it a “rocky relationship” that saw them break up multiple times.

8 Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo (Season 18): Still Together

Meeting on a season when Nicole was showmancing with someone else, Victor and Nicole didn’t even spend much time together in the house. They worked with different groups, and presumably Victor had a crush, but steered clear given that Nicole was spending all her time with Corey.

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It all worked out for the best, however, as they began dating after the series ended, and got engaged during a special appearance on season 20. They most recently appear together in the current season of The Amazing Race.

7 Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks (Season 18): Split Up

Nicole has the record for the most showmances ever on Big Brother. And while her latest was finally with “the one,” Victor, she went through dating a few other fellow castmates before that. In fact, she and Corey were gaga over one another during the same season Victor was on!

There were no sparks, however, between Nicole and Victor until after the season ended, and her spark with Corey slowly fizzled away after they left the game and the confines of the house.

6 Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson (Season 19): Still Together

The couple that quickly went from top players to underdogs, Jessica and Cody remained fiercely loyal to one another, even when the entire house turned against them. Jessica was often having to stick up for Cody, while they were both willing to make selfless moves to keep the other one in the game.

Now engaged, and with child, the couple are as strong as ever.

Worth noting: while Jessica and Cody have managed to keep their love alive, another showmance from that season, Raven Walton and Matthew Clines, has since fizzled, though they reportedly remain good friends.

5 Paul Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette (Season 18): Split Up

One of the more dramatic pairings of that season (not to mention others),  Zakiyah was chastised for sitting by while Paulie attacked other women in the house. Meanwhile, Paulie would talk badly about Zakiyah on the live feeds. So while it’s somewhat surprising that they still continued to date for a few months after the show finished, it isn’t surprising that they didn’t last.

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They announced their break up during the Super Bowl, hoping no one would notice, saying  they realized they are better off as friends.

4 Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas (Season 12, 13): Still Together

Known as Brenchel, they were one of the most famous showmances from the series, initially appearing to be polar opposites then sharing their mutual love of science. They stuck by one another’s side for two seasons, and Rachel went on to win the big prize the second time they played.

They returned to reality TV together, appearing on both seasons 20 and 24 of The Amazing Race (Rachel also came back for a third time to compete in the latest season of the around-the-world competition series). She and Brendon are married today and have a daughter.

3 Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan (Season 17): Split Up

Especially controversial because Austin reportedly still had a girlfriend when he entered the house (maybe they were “on a break?”) he fell head over heels for Liz, even though he didn’t know he was talking to her twin sister half the time, part of that season’s twist.

The odd couple did continue to date after the show, but it didn’t last long. They probably realized just how different they were from one another. Or maybe Austin remembered about that girlfriend he left back home. (We kid, we kid!)

2 Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones (Season 13): Still Together

Daniele first played in season 8, where she was reunited with her estranged father Dick, who went on to win the season, despite being labeled one of the biggest villains ever on the series.

During Daniele’s second time playing, she came out a winner in a different way, finding her husband-to-be in Dominic. They became best friends on the show, stayed loyal to one another, and married two years later. Today, they live in Tennessee and have a daughter.

1 Hayden Voss and Nicole Franzel (Season 16): Split Up

Yes, another entry that includes Nicole, Hayden was the first fellow houseguest she managed to grab the attention of, and he fell quite hard for the sweet nurse. They continued to date after the season ended for about a year-and-a-half, proving it was the real deal. But it didn’t last, reportedly due to Hayden not wanting to get married or have children.

Nicole came back for season 18, where she met another showmance partner and the man that would go on to become her fiancé.

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