Big Brother's Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas Trying For Baby #2

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly Big Brother

Former Big Brother star and Season 13 winner Rachel Reilly recently revealed she and husband Brendon Villegas, who met on the show years ago, are trying for baby number two. The couple are looking to expand their family after already having one child together.

Reilly and Villegas first bonded on Season 12 of Big Brother - the CBS reality show that surveils 16 strangers as they live together and compete for $500,000 - over their love of science. Villegas was going for his master's in physical science at the time, while Reilly is a chemist. It was an instant connection, but once the two got close, they were seen as a threat to the others in the house, and ended up getting sent home in the fifth week. Their relationship was far from over though, and they were married in 2012, later announcing their first pregnancy on Big Brother Season 17. They went on to welcome their daughter Aurora in April 2016. Now, Reilly just announced their family might be growing.

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Reilly recently told JC Mounduix during an appearance on his YouTube show AfterBuzz that she and Villegas are trying for a second child. She was appearing on the show alongside her sister and fellow housemate, Elissa. While she's probably thrilled to be an aunt again, her sister didn't seem so excited about all the baby-making talk between Reilly and Villegas. Reilly said Elissa "felt like she was listening to her parents talk," when she and her husband were discussing making a baby; and Elissa added, "I'm like, vomiting" as they were discussing their sex schedule. 

Rachel Reilly and Elissa Reilly Big Brother on The Amazing Race

While Elissa said sex talk is fun when it's "just girls," it was too weird to hear her sister and her brother-in-law talk about it. However, Reilly didn't mind giving her sister too much information, saying, "We were trying to creep her out a little bit, I'm not gonna lie." Elissa may not be enjoying having to listen to all this sex talk with her sister, but viewers will be very happy for the couple. "Brenchel," as the two were nicknamed on Big Brother, have been fan favorites since they first appeared on the show. Over the years, loyal viewers have gotten to watch their lives change drastically. 

In addition to Big Brother Seasons 12 and 13, which Reilly went on to win, Brenchel appeared on The Amazing Race twice, making it to the last leg each time, and Celebrity Fear Factor as a couple. Nowadays, with their family growing, their televised competition show appearances may be coming to an end, though Reilly recently enjoyed another trip around the world on The Amazing Race, this time with her sister as her partner. It seems these housemates' lives have changed from backstabbing to baby-making, and fans are excited to see what's in store for the Big Brother couple.

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Source: AfterBuzz

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