Big Brother Crowns Jackson Michie as Season 21 Winner

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Big Brother season 21 has officially ended with Jackson Michie coming out on top as the crowned winner. It was down to three contestants: Jackson, Nicole Anthony, and Holly Allen - all of whom divided the jury with their decision making. Early in that episode, Nicole was evicted from the house, leaving just Holly and Jackson. Jackson was ultimately chosen in a 6-3 vote. Second place winner Holly, whom Jackson remains in a romantic relationship with, took home $50,000.

This isn’t the first time a couple made it to the last two finalists. In the season 7 All-Star special, Mike Malin went up against and defeated his showmance partner Erika Landin. Judges decided in favor of Jackson instead of Holly after he previously won nine of the competitions. In a discussion with the jury, it was obvious that most of them felt like Jackson was the clear winner. While some disagreed, calling out his disloyalty and tendency to take advantage of people’s trust to get ahead, they all ultimately decided he played pretty dirty.

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Even after discussing this season’s controversies mostly involving Jackson, the jury decided on Jackson. The most damning thing against Jackson were his words. On multiple occasions, it appears that Jackson has said derogatory statements regarding women and minorities. His season-long commentary came into question, but the jury offered him a chance to defend himself. When asked (via Us Weekly), he stated he’s a "very intense person. Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing." Jackson went on to state that he’d never make any degrading remarks towards or about women or minorities. He was heard on multiple occasions making degrading remarks towards his fellow housemates, all of whom were either women or minorities. There were plenty of controversies to keep Jackson Michie’s name floating around the web, from things he’s said to the accusations of production helping Jackson win at the competitions.

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Fans of the show were highly skeptical when it appeared that editing had removed footage of Jackson breaking the rules of ‘Have Nots’ week by sneaking real food into the shower. He had received no penalty for it. Cliff, Tommy, Christie, Nick, Sis, and Jack all voted Jackson the winner despite his rocky relationships, mainly because he won the final HOH competition after Holly misheard one of the questions. Jackson isn’t the only winner this season though. With 1 million votes, Nicole was voted as America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Concluding one of the most controversial seasons in Big Brother history, Jackson has officially won season 21 and is taking home the $500,000. Even though not everyone is happy with his victory, Jackson was a tough competitor who knew how to get by with what he had.

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