Controversial Big Brother Star Jack Matthews Explains His Crude Comments

Jack Matthews Big Brother

Jack Matthews, Big Brother's most controversial houseguest this season, explained the crude and cruel comments he made to other houseguests during his stay at the house. Now that Jack has been evicted, he's being asked to reflect on his past comments.

This season, the 28-year-old fitness trainer, Jack, made plenty of comments about a handful of other contestants in the house. The viewers of the live feed overheard him making derogatory and allegedly racist remarks about fellow guests. He mostly made rude and offensive comments either directed to or about Isabella Wang and Kemi Fakunle, who both happen to be people of color. However, Isabella chalked up the alleged racist comments Jack made about her as coincidental and the talking behind each other's backs as just an element of the game. Another houseguest of color, Ovi Kabir, did, however, feel personally attacked by the subtle racism and bullying that took place.

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Jack, who was recognized as being a Jason Momoa look-alike, went from heartthrob to villain almost immediately, and fans caught Jack making violent threats, as well as sexist and racist remarks, on the live 24/7 feed at home. Fans hated his behavior so much that they made a petition to remove him from the show; over 10,000 signatures were collected from the public to remove him, and yet the producers let him stay. Now that Jack has been evicted, he sat down with Big Brother host, Julie Chen, to talk about what went down this season. According to Us Weekly, Julie started by showing a montage of all of the controversial remarks he made throughout the season (from name-calling to threatening to "stomp a mudhole through" a fellow contestant). Jack explained that the "mudhole" comment was based on something Sam Bledsoe used to say last season, and that it wasn't personal. However, he did apologize, and insisted that "Kemi was, and is, a great person."

Jack Matthews Big Brother with Julie Chen

He addressed the fact that being cooped up in close quarters with strangers while being filmed 24/7 did affect him, and he blamed a lot of his actions on that. He went on to say, "I wouldn't say that I fully support the things that I said and the way that I said them... If I could take them back, I would, and I wish I could have articulated them in some other way possible." Julie then brought up the controversial "rice pudding" comments he made about Isabella, which he insisted had "absolutely nothing to do with her ethnicity whatsoever."

Big Brother can sometimes bring out the worst in people, and it did its job this season, as season 21 has been one of the most scandalous seasons yet. Since there is no going back and changing remarks that were made, it seems Jason has learned his lesson about speaking negatively about people behind their backs. All three of the houseguests involved in the alleged racism scandal are currently out of the eye of Big Brother, making it a perfect time to talk about the comments, learn from them, and move on.

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Big Brother airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9pm EST and Sundays at 8pm EST on CBS.

Source: Us Weekly

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