Big Brother: 15 Contestants Who Were Kicked Off For Shocking Reasons

Big Brother is hugely popular around the world, but sometimes the show’s houseguests get a little too comfortable in their reality TV surroundings…

There’s no denying the incredible impact that reality television has had upon the viewing public, not only in the United States, with shows such as Survivor and Big Brother, but across the world.

Millions tune in week-to-week to watch their favorite reality stars compete for flashy prizes, fame, and fortune, leaving their own real lives behind for an hour or two each week and escaping to secluded islands or houses with hundreds of cameras watching the inhabitants living there every second of the day.

With these shows, however, often comes controversy. While people are being their true selves on the small screen for our entertainment, their flaws sometimes come to the forefront, which leads to major broken rules and drama for producers, which in turn brings in higher ratings.

This is why we’ve decided to take a look at Big Brother in particular, and the 15 Contestants Who Were Kicked Off For Shocking Reasons.

15 Emma Greenwood – Big Brother UK

We start things off with one of the most infamous nights in Big Brother history, as Emma Greenwood instigated what British fans now refer to as "Fight Night." Returning to the house with her fellow housemate, Michelle Bass, the pair surprised those in the main house after a short stint in a secret bedsit.

The rest of the house thought that they'd been evicted, but the viewing public had instead sent them to watch live footage and listen in to their former friends talking about them and exposing alliances.

Making their return in the midst of a fancy party, housemates Jason Cowan and Victor Ebuwa weren’t happy with the return of the two women, but Marco Sabba was over the moon. Chaos ensued, with a food fight breaking out.

Things soon turned sour however, when Emma decided to pick up a metal tray and fling it at Victor, with the housemate returning the favor. Screaming that she was going to “kill” Victor, Big Brother had no option but to send security into the house, forcing Emma straight back into the bedsit where she remained, before being pulled from the show completely.

14 Tom Mott – Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up

Taking place on the sixth week of the special edition of Pinoy Big Brother, housemate Tom Mott punched the Activity Hall’s wall, later claiming that it was a result of frustration at failing in a competition that Big Brother had set for the houseguests.

Allowed to go to the hospital, with a doctor checking out his hand, he then returned to the house within the 24-hour window (which would have seen him evicted had he stayed out longer). Unfortunately for him, housemates deemed his behavior as threatening and made their voices heard. Big Brother had no choice but to remove Tom, not only because his fellow housemate’s statements, but for the destruction of Big Brother property: a big no no.

Despite the controversy, the public seemed to forgive Tom. Now known as Tom Rodriguez, he’s gone on to bigger and better things, serving as an actor, TV host, and even a recording artist.

13 Lotan Carter – Big Brother UK

Lotan Carter’s removal from the British Big Brother house has been one of the most talked-about moments of the series to-date. Viewers knew they were in for a bumpy ride, when the usual warning before the offending episode was longer and more detailed than usual.

As the episode rolled on, it became more and more apparent that Lotan’s behavior was something that wouldn’t be allowed to fly in the house. He had already been told by Big Brother to watch his behavior around the female members of the house, but continued to act impulsively against Isabelle Warburton in particular.

Noting that, in his teasing of her, he wasn’t being a “good role model to his son,” Lotan flipped, chucking his drink on Isabelle and flinging a bottle across the living room. Then being rushed to the Diary Room, where he was asked to calm down, he went against the instructions, broke out of the door and charged down the stairs, only to be confronted by other members of the house.

After raging in the bedroom and saying he could “mentally and physically destroy” Isabelle, Big Brother decided to eject him from the game.

12 Ashley Cox and John Bric – Big Brother Australia

Ashley and John may have been fan favorites during their time in Big Brother Australia, but when their behavior ventured into what many have called sexual assault, they were ejected from the Big Brother house and even condemned by Australia’s Prime Minister at the time, John Howard.

Streaming live on the show’s website, but never on the show’s main episodes, viewers saw John allegedly hold down fellow housemate Camilla Severi, whilst Ashley rubbed his exposed genitalia in her face. Despite a police investigation, no charges were ever laid against the pair.

Camilla went on to finish in the runners-up position of the show, and both Ashley and John slammed Big Brother Australia producers and their fellow housemates following their ejection. The show was then taken off the air after two follow-up seasons in 2008, taking a long hiatus before returning for three new seasons from 2012-14. The show has since been taken off the air once more.

11 Robert Wessel – Big Brother Germany

Entering the house on day 50, Robert Wessel formed a quick bond and friendship with fellow housemate Klaus Aichholzer, but it didn’t take long for the cracks to start forming. Picking up on negative vibes from Robert, Klaus pulled away from the friendship and, on day 193, Robert was ejected from the show following a string of dramatic events.

Some took place in the house, with Robert saying Klaus was like Adolf Hitler. He was also accused of being xenophobic towards Wissam Nasreddine, who removed himself from the house and said that Robert’s behavior was the reason why.

The truly shocking events, however, allegedly happened outside of the house. The German media accused Robert of being a racist, and of torturing a sheep with friends after a party, drugging a pregnant ewe, and playing loud music to the sheep. These extremely odd accusations destroyed any chance Robert had of remaining in the house.

10 Nick Bateman – Big Brother UK

The British version of Big Brother is an entirely different entity than the show that broadcasts in the US, with housemates banned from discussing their nominations with one another, and the public left to decide exactly who will be sent home and who will eventually win the show.

As more of a popularity contest, the UK show was in its first season and was incredibly strict, ejecting housemate Nick Bateman after he was confronted for trying to influence other housemate’s nominations.

Writing names on slips of paper and showing them to various housemates, in a bid to remain off the chopping block, "Nasty Nick" – as he was dubbed by the British press at the time – was confronted by his housemates.

It was an episode watched by over six million viewers, but the public eventually turned around their hatred for Nick, welcoming him back for the Ultimate Big Brother series that took place in 2010.

9 Scott Weintraub – Big Brother US

Scott only lasted eight days in the American Big Brother house before being forcibly removed. In a season that was given an X-Factor-style twist, Scott’s ex-girlfriend Amanda Craig entered the house, leading him to go on a violent tirade.

Throwing chairs around the house and damaging Big Brother property, his fellow houseguests feared for their safety. It was something he later apologized for, blaming the behavior on a breakout of genital warts.

This caused further panic amongst the houseguests, with two in particular breaking out into tears and scrubbing the toilets in the house, worried that the sexually transmitted disease might be something that they could pick up from sharing a bathroom with Scott.

Whilst CBS never gave any official detailed comment on the situation, the show’s 24/7 live feeds ensured that those at home, who were addicted to all of the action, could document everything that went down.

8 Jeremy Jackson – Celebrity Big Brother UK

Jeremy’s time in Celebrity Big Brother UK wasn’t something for the former Baywatch actor’s resumé. Having struggled with alcohol addiction in the past, Jeremy made the decision to drink whilst he was in the CBB house, and it was something he soon regretted.

On one particular night where things got a little heavy, he headed to the bathroom to be sick and called out for help. Reality star Chloe Goodman rushed to help him, but when she bent down to check on him, he grabbed her bathrobe, opening it up and exposing her breast, leaving her in a fit of tears. “Curiosity killed the cat,” the actor said at the time, but the gravity of the situation soon came crashing down on Jeremy.

Called to the Diary Room, Big Brother had Jeremy sleep separately from the rest of the house while they examined footage and eventually came to the decision to boot him from the process. Jeremy left via a side door to the house, and was never seen on the Big Brother brand again. He received and accepted an official police caution upon his ejection.

7 René Schmidt – Big Brother Germany

Entering the house on day 142 with fellow housemate Manuela Bernauer, René Schmidt seemed to instantly fall for his fellow contestant, but the feelings weren’t mutual.

Irritated by the lack of love he was getting back, he began to start petty arguments with many of his fellow houseguests, and on day 162, he insulted housemate Daniel Greiner, saying that he only spoke about his dead aunts and grandmother on television to trigger compassion with the viewers and go deeper into the game. It’s worth noting that Daniel received the news of his grandmother’s death whilst still in the Big Brother Germany house.

This lack of empathy for his fellow housemate, as well as the offending comments and statements he made about nominations breaking the rules saw him ejected from Big Brother on the same day. A short-lived stint for a man who certainly wasn’t built for reality television.

6 Dennis McHugh – Big Brother UK

This Scottish dancer wasn’t able to hold his tongue during a vicious argument with fellow housemate Mohamed Mohamed, spitting in Mo’s face all because of a disagreement over a spoiled painting.

The whole thing took place on live feed, which was swiftly pulled from the network is was broadcasting on when those working behind-the-scenes realized what was going down. With Mo left in tears, Big Brother removed Dennis rather quickly from the house, clamping down strongly on their rule of no violence or intimidation whilst playing the game.

When he left the house, Dennis quickly apologized for his actions and returned to his normal life. It’ll be something he’ll look back on now with regret, as his attack took place in a time when contestants on Big Brother could make a meaty, showbiz career out of their time in the house.

5 DBK and Zainab – Big Brother Africa Stargame

Drama has a habit of going to a whole other level in Big Brother Africa Stargame, with the 2012 season proving to be one of the most explosive to have ever aired. Housemates DKB and Zainab were in particular some of the fieriest personalities in the house, and when Zainab opened the door of the shower while DKB was inside washing, a volatile argument broke out.

Screaming at one another for some time, DKB told Zainab that he would slap her if she repeated the act, so she got in his face and told him to slap her there and then. Walking away from the situation, Zainab continued to goad, pushing DKB but receiving a slap to the face from the housemate in the process, which sent her glasses flying.

Zainab slapped DKB back, which resulted in him hitting her three more times in the face. Both were removed from the game for violence.

4 Ken Morley – Celebrity Big Brother UK

Repeatedly clashing with other celebrities in the house, soap actor Ken Morley was exposed as a man who could not control his behavior despite being on reality television.

While in the house, many of Ken’s female housemates branded him as a sexist, as he made comments about how they looked and made no secret of how he stared whenever they would be wearing clothes that he deemed “provocative.”

Given a series of warnings, including one Big Brother branded as his “final warning,” the straw that broke the camel’s back came in a conversation about famed boxer, Frank Bruno.

Speaking candidly about a past that he had shared with the boxer, he referred to him with a racially-insensitive slur on more than one occasion. Following his previous warnings, he was removed from the house and spent the next few weeks trying to repair his image.

3 Maneta Mazanhi and Roki Josphats – Big Brother Africa Stargame

When Rockford "Roki" Josphats and Maneta Mazanhi took their feud to a physical level on Big Brother Africa Stargame, the pair were forcibly ejected from the house after 44 days of the 91-day total run.

The pair hadn’t always been at each other’s throats, with Roki actually making a move on Maneta, hoping to spark a romance within the house. Unfortunately for him, she didn’t seem to be too interested in anything serious with Roki, and the two started nominating each other for eviction.

Roki initiated the physicality, throwing water over his fellow housemate, but Maneta didn’t take kindly to the liquid being thrown on her, picking up washing liquid and squeezing it in his face, with Roki claiming that he was then made temporarily blind. It came after she had previously threatened to stab Roki “to death.” Not quite a match made in heaven, but it was a double eviction that made for some chaotic television.

2 Daley Ojuederie – Big Brother UK

Daley Ojuederie’s final moments in the Big Brother house were certainly some of the most uncomfortable to watch. Enjoying a romance with his fellow housemate Hazel O’Sullivan for some time before the ejection, the pair enjoyed a private room as part of a task. It was in there that Daley’s behavior got the better of him.

Slapping Hazel’s bottom without permission, he got more aggressive as the night went on, grabbing her around the neck and pinning her to the bed with both of his arms. It was a moment that made those watching feel very unnerved, and the way Hazel’s face changed from somebody who was enjoyed a little bit of sexual roleplay with a fellow housemate to a woman worried about her safety could be seen, despite the use of night vision cameras.

Upon his removal, Daley was given the chance to tell his side of the story, and said that, while he apologized to those he may have offended, he still felt that Hazel used his final moments in the house to get ahead.

It felt like a classic case of victim blaming. Not to mention, when he went into the house, he already had a girlfriend of eight months waiting for him on the outside.

1 Justin Sebik – Big Brother US

Justin Sebik lasted 10 days in the American Big Brother house, but still, to this day, is one of the most talked-about houseguests, thanks to his bizarre behavior that eventually led to his ejection from the show’s second season.

Flirting during his time in the house with fellow houseguest Krista Stegall, he took things to a dominating level when he held a knife to Krista’s neck in the kitchen following a long bout of the pair kissing. “I’m going to slash your throat. Would you get mad if I killed you now?” he asked her at the time, before she dismissed him in her response: “no, but I want some water.”

In an interview with host Julie Chen following his ejection, he claimed that anybody who saw the incident as an act of violence or a threat was an “idiot.” When Krista left the house, she filed a lawsuit against CBS and said the show should have ejected him earlier following menacing behavior and volatile arguments.


Can you think of any other Big Brother contestants who were evicted from the show for shocking reasons? Let us know.

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