Big Brother: 10 Contestants You Should Be Following On Instagram

Fans of reality television have been delighted by Big Brother ever since it first aired in the US in 2000. The premise is taken from the Dutch show with the same name, and the franchise has been consistently increasing, being present in over 54 countries and regions around the world. Impressive doesn't even begin to cover it! Audiences all around the United States have been tuning in to follow the lives of the guests as they compete for the chance to win the very handy prize of $500,000.

More than just a prime example of reality television, Big Brother is a fantastic way to study human beings. What drives them to like and support each other, and what makes them want to ruthlessly betray one another? How far are people willing to go when such a tempting prize is waiting for them at the end of the line? These questions have made fans stay loyal to the show for 19 years, and all the contestants, both winners, and losers, often pop into our minds. Some of them are still around, and you should be paying attention! Take a look at 10 contestants you should be following on Instagram.

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10 JC Mounduix (@jcmounduix)

JC was one of the contestants of the most recent season of the show. Often, the most interesting contestants are the ones that bring the most controversy, for the better of for the worst. JC received a lot of backlash from fans once Big Brother 20 was over. Finishing in third place, Moundix was baffled at the accusations of floating by and sexual harassing fellow guest Tyler Crispen.

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JC always takes to social media to voice his very strong opinions, making him one of the most popular Instagram accounts out of all the contestants of the show. He's not shy about showcasing his body on his personal feed, along with his opinions, but he also does it in a very funny way. Whether it's for the laughs or the drama, it's definitely worth a follow!

9 Alex Ow (@itsalexowhey)

Sometimes people will send you home because you're a threat. That's just how the game works, and Alex Ow was definitely a victim of the "she's a threat so let's send her packing" syndrome. Alex was a great player, and her fellow houseguests knew it, so she was betrayed by Paul and left the competition in season nineteen.

Alex really likes herself, and she isn't shy about showcasing her confidence for the world to see. And while her Instagram page is a shrine to her good looks, it's also a fun page, that serves as great fitness inspiration, and fashion inspiration as well. Plus, the girl travels to some seriously beautiful places, so it's definitely worth hitting that follow button!

8 James Huling (@jhuling)

James is a household name in Big Brother. He was both on the seventeenth and eighteenth season of the show, and he was beloved both by his fellow houseguests, and the public in general. So much so that Huling went on to win a $25,000 prize for being voted America's Favorite Houseguest. Not an eximious player, he managed to win everyone over with his pranks and general fun-loving spirit.

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Being the kind soul that he is, his Instagram feed is filled with pictures of him next to loved ones, fans, and dogs. The description says it all - "I'M HERE FOR DOG PICS". James' Instagram is as wholesome as he is, and he often shares lovely and uplifting quotes on his stories. And pictures of his dog, of course.

7 Josh Martinez (@josh_martinez_)

Josh was a troubled soul. He won season nineteen after very smartly choosing Paul to be in the top two with him, a very arrogant player who the judges didn't fancy at all. Josh will forever go down in history as the contestant that banged pots and pans during the night to annoy his fellow houseguests, but he's also a gentle person who wasn't afraid to cry and show his emotions. He wasn't the most deserving winner, but at the end of the day, he was a good person.

His Instagram page is just very entertaining to look at. He's constantly sharing his small and big adventures with fans, whether they are professional or personal, and his kind smile never fails to make the ones looking at him smile as well. Plus, you can get some pretty cool merch if you're into it. It's a good page to escape from life for a bit.

6 Nicole Franzel (@coconuts_)

Nicole appeared on Big Brother in its sixteenth season and, later, in its eighteenth season. She was a very smart player, who ultimately won the second season she was in. Being an incredibly smart player, good at convincing people to play for her advantage, and making consistent decisions on her alliances, eventually made her the winner.

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Nicole is a must follow on Instagram especially for fans of lifestyle talk. She shares snaps of her everyday life alongside her fiancé, fellow housemate Victor Orroyo, along with outfits, and favorite products. It's clear she became a very successful influencer after being on the show, but she shares genuinely good advice on skincare, travel, and food. And, of course, pictures of dogs (yes, it's a recurring theme. Everybody loves doggos!).

5 Angela Rummans (@angelarummans)

Everybody loves a good villain and Angela Rummans made sure we had one during the twentieth season of the show. What made more headlines than her game, however, was her relationship with fellow houseguest Tyler Crispen. The two fell in love during the filming of Big Brother, and while they both made it to the final episodes (with Tyler making it the top two), none of them won the prize...but, on a cheesy note, they won each other.

Angela's Instagram page is exactly what you would expect from a fitness model turned reality TV star turned influencer. It's bright, beautiful, and fashionable. She isn't shy about depicting her growing relationship with Crispen either, and he's often a part of her wonderful photos. For those who are into this sort of page, Angela's Instagram is a must, including stories about every topic your heart might desire.

4 Dr. Wilson Kirby (@drwillkirby1)

For those who still remember the second season of Big Brother, they surely remember the winner, Dr. Wilson Kirby. He's still around, and he's one of the interviewing jury members that appear on the last episode of each edition of the show. He was the pioneer of many great strategies such as the alliance with a secret name and the diary sessions where he confesses his deeds.

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While he's still a part of the Big Brother clan and assured himself a place in the hall of fame, his Instagram is worth following mostly because of two things: it's wholesome, in a dad using Instagram kind of way, and skincare tips. The man is a dermatologist, after all! Not only will you get your daily dose of "awww" with the sweet snaps of his family, but you'll also get great advice on how to care for your skin. Win-win!

3 Dan Gheesling (@dangheesling)

This man is an absolute legend in the world of Big Brother. Making his first appearance on the tenth season of the show, he still managed to baffle everyone even though the show had been on the air for ten years, and it seemed as if every possible strategy had been done and re-done. He won the first season he was on thanks to his cunning wits and made it to the top two when he returned for season fourteen.

Now, he has a podcast and he's a family man, both things that are made very clear through his Instagram page. Both of them are sweet and entertaining, but hands down the best feature of Dan's feed are the memes. Yes, you should follow this man for the memes - they're quality ones, and he'll guarantee you laugh out loud at least once a week. A gift to the Internet, really.

2 Frank Eudy (@thefrankeudy)

Frank first made reality TV waves in his first appearance on Big Brother, back in season 14. To this day, he's still considered to be one of the best physical contestants that were ever on the show, winning six competitions in total. His fellow housemates tried to send him home several times because of the very real competition he was, but Eudy eventually won America’s Favourite Houseguest. He wasn't as lucky when he returned for the eighteenth season, though.

If you're wondering whether or not you should follow Frank on Instagram, the answer is a resounding yes. Why? because he loves his girlfriend! And he loves his dog! And the whole page is incredibly wholesome because of it! This is the page that has the potential to melt cold, dead hearts everywhere - the ultimate #relationshipgoals right here.

1 Paul Abrahamian (@deadskull)

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. If there's a quote that perfectly sums up Paul Abrahamian's experience with Big Brother, this would definitely be it. He competed both on seasons eighteen and nineteen of the show, and both times, he became the runner-up. This wasn't because he was a bad player - he was too good, in a sense. He wanted to win so bad, he often took to methods that displeased everyone, including the jury, who punished him accordingly.

But all that aside, Paul's Instagram is one of the most beautiful to look at. The man is Artistic with a capital A - everything is black and white, every picture has a concept, and everything tells a story. Do you know those feeds that are just really satisfying to look at? Paul's one of those feeds. Beautiful art, beautiful execution. He didn't win Big Brother, but he wins the best Instagram account!

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