Big Brother: 6 Bromances That Are Still Going (& 4 That Aren't)

Big Brother has a reputation for matchmaking, even though that isn’t really the intention of the reality competition series. Several romantic couples through the series’ 21 seasons to date have formed “showmances” during their time in the house, then went on to pursue relationships outside of the house, many of which have resulted in marriage and kids. But the fantastic matchmaking track run also applies to another type of pairing: the bromance.

This is when two men competing and meeting for the first time in the house find that they have tons in common. It might be similar views on life or game strategy, an affinity for shooting pool or playing chess, or a desire to work out 24/7. Whatever the case, it’s a match made in bro heaven that proves these guys would have been BFFs had they met outside of the house.

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In some cases, the bromances have stood the test of time, and the friends have kept in touch long after the season has ended. In others, however, the bromance fizzled out faster than you could say “dude.”

So how are some of the series’ best bromances doing today? Here’s a look at 6 Big Brother bromances that are still going strong, and 4 that appear to have ended, or at least haven’t remained as strong as they once were.

10 Dr. Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin: Still Going

Considered to be one of the most successful alliances in the game’s history, and the most popular Big Brother pairing ever, Kirby and Malin teamed up to form Chilltown before alliances were even a “thing” on the series.

Appearing in season 2 way back in 2001, Kirby went on to win thanks to the help from his alliance and partner in crime, Malin.

As of a few years ago, Kirby still considered Malin one of his closest friends. Now both former winners – Malin won when he returned for All-Stars Season 7 – they go down as not only lasting friends, but fierce players.

9 Dan Gheesling and Memphis Garrett: Not Going

Garrett was effectively Memphis’s loyal soldier in their Big Brother 10 alliance known as The Renegades. They voted together, hung out together, and made it to the end together, where Gheesling won by unanimous vote.

A lot of time has passed since then. Gheesling has appeared again in the series, where he impressively placed second in Big Brother 14. And he now works as a professional video game player and social media influencer.

Meanwhile, Garrett owns his own business, according to his Instagram account, and is now a father.

8 Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo: Still Going

Presumably this pair, which was in the Sitting Ducks alliance together, are still friendly with one another. After the 18th  season wrapped up, they made several appearances together, and a cameo on daytime soap opera Bold and the Beautiful.

Arroyo even let his pal shave off his beard during a reunion in Los Angeles. He has also been quoted as saying that money wasn’t as important as staying loyal to his blood brother, and that had he made it to the finals, Abrahamian would have been the only person he would have taken with him.

Arroyo might be busy these days with his fiancé Nicole Franzel, who also appeared on the season with them. But these two are probably bros for life.

7 Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat and JC Mounduix: Not Going

This relationship might have been considered more of a fauxmance than bromance as Mounduix seemed to use every diary session to make fun of Shafaat and claim himself to be a master puppeteer who was pulling the man’s strings all along.

While Shafaat has maintained his showmance with Haleigh outside of the house, with photos of the in-love couple plastered all over his Instagram, it seems that the bromance might not have been made for outside of the walls of the house.

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They made publicity appearances together after the season ended, but there’s no indication that these two bros have kept in touch since.

6 Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur: Still Going

Appearing together in season 16, these two were like bacon and eggs, sticking together through thick and thin via their Hitmen alliance. Levasseur, one of the most strategic players ever in the game, went on to win the season, with Calafiore sitting right next to him as runner-up.

After the series, the two remained close, even hanging out with one another’s families. They’ve also reunited for finale night of subsequent seasons, including to watch Calafiore’s younger brother Paulie compete on season 18.

Levasseur has disclosed in interviews that he coached Paulie before he left for the show. These guys really are like family.

5 Zach Rance and Frankie Grande: Not Going

Referred to as Zankie when in the house in season 16, it was the cutest ever bromance between an openly gay Grande and a straight Rance who didn't shy away by proclaiming his deep love, albeit platonic, for Grande.

Sleeping together in the same bed and sharing many intimate moments, the bromance appeared to be built to last. And while it seems that their friendship did prevail after the show, there’s no evidence that they have kept in touch in any real capacity as of late.

This could potentially be due to Grande’s busy schedule. As the older brother of mega pop superstar Ariana Grande, and a social media personality in his own right, he likely has little time for friends outside of his inner circle. Rance, meanwhile, appears to be busy these days with his own real estate business.

4 Brett Robinson and Winston Hines: Still Going

In his exit interview for season 20, Hines noted that he and Robinson had a lot in common. Both worked in sales and they had similar personalities, which made them click. He has referred to Robinson as the little brother he never had and credited him with keeping him sane in the house.

Together in the Level Six alliance while in the house, it appears they have remained close since. The two did city tours for meet and greets together, including in both of their respective hometowns.

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In an interview earlier this year, Robinson even disclosed than he and Hines had plans to move together to California. Those who go perpetually shirtless together, stay together, it seems.

3 Mark Jansen and Matthew Clines: Not Going

They forged a four-person alliance with their respective showmance partners Raven and Elena in season 19, and the foursome stuck together through thick and thin. Occasionally, Cody and Jessica, also in a showmance (and now married with child) were part of their “crew,” though their controversial nature sometimes meant they had to distance themselves.

It seems Jansen and Clines’ bromance might have been solely for game play and strength in numbers, though. Would they have gotten along so well without their mates? That’s unclear. Nonetheless, it looks like nothing materialized from their on-screen friendship once the two left the show and went back to the real world. While both did continue their showmances after the show, they've since broken up with their former significant others as well.

2 Kato Kaelin and Tom Green: Still Going

The former friend of OJ Simpson and the actor who once put a rat in his mouth for a movie seem like the unlikeliest of pairings. Yet when these two met one another on Celebrity Big Brother, it was like they were lifelong friends.

Confiding in one another, working together to try and stay in the house, and simply enjoying having fun while isolated from the rest of the world, they were hilarious to watch together.

After the series ended, Kaelin confirmed that his budding friendship with Green was the real deal and promised it would last for the rest of his life. Queue the “awws.”

1 Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews: Still Going

This one technically just started, so it’s definitely still going. Hugging it out, working out together, conspiring against others in their Gr8teful alliance - these two are the latest bromance for the series’ current and 21st  season. And it appears that they might stick together right to the end.

The Jason Momoa doppelganger who’s quick to capitalize on the obvious resemblance with his long, flowing locks and consistent Aquaman references, and the Nashville native, now living in L.A., formed an immediate bond. Even their names are so similar that everyone started to refer to Jackson by his surname instead to avoid confusion. Next thing we know, they’ll be finishing each other’s sentences.

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