Big Brother 21 Winner Jackson Explains Why He Ended Showmance With Kathryn

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie on why he chose to end his relationship with house guest Kathryn Dunn after a short period of time.

Jackson Michie on Big Brother

Big Brother season 21 controversial winner Jackson Michie has spoken out about why he ended his relationship with houseguest Kathryn Dunn. Following his short-lived romance with Dunn, Michie then started up a showmance with fellow houseguest and runner-up Holly Allen.

This season of Big Brother, the show where 16 strangers move into a house filled with cameras and have no connection with the outside world for three months, was filled with showmances - some more successful than others. If you're not sure what exactly a "showmance" is, it's a romance or relationship that happens during the show, and may or may not continue afterwards. It's a popular term in Big Brother that has developed over the seasons. Some contestants come into the house hoping for a showmance and others use it as strategy move, whereas some houseguests view it as a hindrance on their game because people in relationships inside the house are often perceived as bigger threats in the game, since they have a built-in ally. Michie was involved in a romance with Allen that took them all the way to the final two, but before that, Michie was involved with Dunn, and he's finally talking about it.

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While on the Now What With Jessica Graf podcast (via Us Weekly) Michie talked about his brief relationship with Dunn, and why he chose to break it off so soon. Graf herself was on Big Brother season 19, where she met now-husband Cody Nickson, with whom she shares one child, and the pair went on to compete on The Amazing Race as well. When asked about his attraction to Dunn, Michie said it was "very quick, right off the bat." Dunn and Michie's relationship was never really featured on the show as it happened primarily during the week that the contestants are in the house prior to the live feeds and cameras being turned on, but it was brought up numerous times after filming began. Dunn was considered to be an emotional and sometimes erratic player in the house, and Michie said that seeing "the way she was handling the block and everything like that, and she was up and down, and like a rollercoaster of emotions" made him think, "Wow, this is not good for my game." Shortly after ending his relationship with Dunn, he began his relationship with Allen, but Michie says "it wasn’t ever, ‘I need to get rid of Kat, so I can be with Holly.’ It was never like that." Dunn was evicted on Day 58 of the season, whereas Michie and Allen became the first showmance to be in the final two together, so it seems that Michie made the smart move to distance himself from Dunn.

Funny enough, Dunn and Allen were one of the two pairs of people who knew each other prior to coming into the house, along with contestants Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy. Though they didn't know that the other would be in the house, Dunn and Allen have admitted they were friendly with each other because Dunn had competed in the Miss America and Miss USA pageant world, whereas Allen is a former Miss Wyoming USA winner, so their paths have crossed before. There were even rumors during their time in the house that Michie, Dunn, and Allen all knew each other outside the house and had a final three deal together, though that wasn't actually true - Michie didn't meet either of the pageant queens until the game began.

Though it's common for showmances to break up once they leave the bubble of the Big Brother house and return to the real world, Allen and Michie's relationship is still going strong, with Allen reportedly introducing Michie to her friends recently. The couple has made numerous press appearances and given podcast interviews together, where Michie has taken the opportunity to address some of the concerns that were brought against him during the finale about potentially racist or sexist comments he made during his time on the show. While Allen and Michie's relationship is continuing, the pair have also shared photos and Instagram stories of them hanging out with Dunn after the show ended, so it seems that all's well that ends well.

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Source: Us

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