Big Brother 19: 5 Cast Members Fans Loved (& 5 They Hated)

Big Brother 19 featured a wide array of contests with various personalities. Some of them quickly became fan favorites while others were hated.

The 19th season of reality competition series Big Brother, which aired in 2017, was one of the more controversial ones. People either loved it or thought it was the worst season ever. The cast included a mix of people from across America, all competing to be the last person standing to win $500,000.

The series sees 16 people living in a house over the summer, completely cut off from the outside world. They must interact with one another, form alliances, plot, and scheme to get people evicted who are against them. They compete in physical and mental challenges and win rewards and safety from eviction week to week.

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This season saw a number of showmances – houseguests who showed romantic interests in one another and teamed up – along with some pretty heated arguments, some of which almost went too far. Who were the most loved and hated cast members?

10 Josh Martinez: Hated

Ironically, while he was voted the winner of the game, it was mainly because fellow competitors disliked the person he was sitting next to in the finals more. While viewers had a soft spot for Josh, who had trouble holding back his emotions and was often seen crying, he was also considered somewhat of a bully.

His most memorable, and hated, action, was running around the house, banging pots and pans to purposely annoy his enemies. But he also cleverly used his goodbye speeches to plant seeds that helped him inch out an extra vote to win.

9 Christmas Abott: Loved

Christmas was a fan favorite, even though many people didn’t think it was fair that she was able to continue to compete even after having to have surgery on her foot. An unfortunate accident early on in the game sent her to the hospital, yet she was allowed back in when most believed that should have been it for her game.

But she was bold and fierce and didn’t let anyone stand in her way. This helped her make it all the way to third place even without being able to compete in any of the physical challenges.

8 Paul Abrahamian: Hated

Paul made a lot of friends in the house, and viewers loved watching his antics in season 18, which helped bring him all the way to a second place finish. But in the end, his arrogance and unwillingness to own up to his betrayals made him lose the game.

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He was brought back for season 19 and, again, only placed second. While he played a good enough game to make it to the end, the friction he caused in the house and passionate enemies he made meant they would rather see Josh win them him, who many voted for as the lesser of two evils.

7 Kevin Schlehuber: Loved

What’s not to love about Kevin? As the resident “older guy” in the house, Kevin came in seemingly looking for a fun vacation. Dressed to the nines with slick back hair like he was in a gangster movie alongside Pacino and Pesci, Kevin had more class than the rest of the kids combined.

While he didn’t play a hard game, he was always there as a voice of reason, urging the “kids” to pick up their clothes and act with respect. He didn’t take the game too seriously, but the endless tales of his storied life were thoroughly entertaining.

6 Raven Walton: Hated

While still stuck in the house, entire Twitter campaigns were launched against Raven, poking fun at her supposed pathological lying and allegedly ridiculous statements about having a long list of afflictions and illnesses, along with her claims that she was a member of MENSA.

She coasted along the game, relaxing with her boyfriend Matthew while believing that they were actually, in some strange way, controlling things and pulling the strings. Not surprisingly, her castmates laughed off that idea in the jury house. As the game went on, she become more and more annoying to watch.

5 Alex Ow: Loved

Quickly finding herself on the underdog side of the house, Alex was the houseguest fans were rooting for because she seemed honest, direct, and not willing to take orders from anyone. She called people out and competed hard in competitions.

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Her friendship with Jason was adorable since the pair came from completely different backgrounds yet got along amazingly. She had her friends’ backs, but in the end, she put too much trust in Paul and was ultimately betrayed by him.

4 Cody Nickson: Hated/Loved

The dead eyes, the blank stares, the persistent pout, the terrible temper. Some felt Cody was portrayed unfairly in the game, especially after being forced to nominate multiple people right from the get-go due to several twists, which caused him to make instant enemies. But he did have conflict with a lot of people and seemed more focused on his showmance with Jessica (now wife) and rivalry with Paul than playing the game.

Cody presented a dark cloud of gloom over the house, so we were happy to see him evicted not once, but twice. But interestingly, the majority of viewers seemed to actually love his darkness and his willingness to stand up for himself since he was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest.

3 Jessica: Loved

Despite being in a romantic relationship with Cody, Jessica was a favorite among fans. She found herself in tough position, stuck between her love for Cody and the rest of the house constantly telling her that he was impacting her game.

Indeed, he was. Still, Jessica fought hard despite being on the chopping block week after week, got advantages in the game thanks to the fans, and made it the 12th place. She didn’t let the fact that she was all alone in the game get to her once Cody left, and fought until the very end.

2 Matthew Clines: Hated

A floater if there ever was one, Matthew did nothing of significance in the game. He lucked out by being part of a majority popular alliance that included three couples, which was his saving grace. But he and his showmance partner Raven simply hung about the house as if they were on a vacation, eating, working out, sleeping, and chilling by the pool.

It’s a wonder he made it all the way to eighth place. In terms of the season, he offered little, and it was easy to forget from time to time that he was even there.

1 Jason Dent: Loved

The lovable cowboy, Jason was a sweet guy who was part of the underdog alliance that included Kevin and his bestie in the house, Alex. While he had a ton of guilt after accidentally breaking Christmas’ foot in the first week, he played a solid game.

He ultimately made it to seventh place and while he wasn’t part of a lot of the on-screen drama, watching him and Alex’s friendship bloom was great to see. Plus, there’s the cowboy hat, boots, and obvious love for his family that made viewers teary-eyed whenever he talked about them.

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