Big Bang Theory Showrunner Confirms Only One Young Sheldon Crossover

Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory Sheldon

Executive producer Steve Holland confirms that there will only be one crossover of The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon. In its 12th and final season, the long-running CBS sitcom is pulling out all the stops to satisfy its loyal following before it permanently goes off the air this May. That includes a non-traditional crossover special with its prequel spinoff following the early years of young boy wonder Sheldon.

Admittedly, a majority of The Big Bang Theory fans weren't exactly thrilled when the Young Sheldon crossover episode was announced. There's a clear divide between those who watch the prequel spinoff and the main series, as many loyal viewers of the latter feel that the former is changing much of what's been established over the years when it comes to Sheldon's family. One of the most glaring difference has to do with George Sr. (Lance Barber), who was mostly described by his son as a no-good patriarch. However, Young Sheldon has been doing a good job in humanizing George Sr., which creates some continuity issues. Luckily, though, fans of The Big Bang Theory don't have to worry about devoting another of the sitcom's remaining outings to a Young Sheldon-centric episode as there won't be any more collaborations between the two CBS sitcoms.

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Speaking with USA Today in light of the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, which featured Young Sheldon characters like Iain Armitage (young Sheldon), Montana Jordan (young Georgie) and Barber, Holland shared that there likely won't be any more crossovers between the shows moving forward.  Emphasizing the need to allocate more time to The Big Bang Theory's key players given that it's their final season, he said:

"We don't just want to make it a parade of grown-up guest stars from 'Young Sheldon.' We really want to focus on this show and these characters."

Now that its crossover episode with Young Sheldon is over and done with, there are only 14 more episodes left for The Big Bang Theory before it officially wraps up its 12-season run. And, luckily, it seems as though Holland and his team are ensuring that every key character from the long-running sitcom gets the focus they deserve. Aside from Sheldon and Amy's main storyline, there are several unresolved plot points involving other members of the gang, like the dilemma between Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley  Cuoco) having a kid; Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Anu's (Rati Gupta) upcoming wedding; and the mystery of Howard's (Simon Helberg) dad. Of course, viewers will also want to see the apartment's elevator finally get fixed.

Fans will have to wait for a while, however, before a brand new episode of The Big Bang Theory rolls out. The sitcom has officially entered its winter break and will have no new content until next year. CBS has yet to announce a specific return date, but it is expected to go back on its regular programming schedule sometime in January.

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The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon air Thursday nights at 8:00pm and 8:30pm EST, respectively, on CBS.

Source: USA Today

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