Big Bang Theory Voted Most-Loved TV Show Across All Ages

The Big Bang Theory on CBS

CBS' long-running sitcom, The Big Bang Theory may be on its final season, but it remains one of the most popular shows on air having been voted as the most-loved TV series across all ages. After 12 years, the show revolving around a group of seven friends - most of them highly intellectual - is scheduled to bow out next May. But despite the limited number of episodes remaining, its massive, loyal fans continue to follow the gang's journey until the very end.

The show is still a hit ratings-wise for CBS, averaging a 2.7 rating in adults 18-49 and 14 million viewers an episode in Live+Same Day for its 24-episode 11th season. It's no wonder the network was looking to order another season of The Big Bang Theory. However, it ultimately boiled down to Jim Parsons' (Sheldon Cooper) decision to move on from the gig, which resulted in its cancelation.

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According to data from Uniting Generations after they surveyed more than 2000 US residents back in September about the shows they like/neither like nor dislike/dislike, the numbers reveal The Big Bang Theory as the most-loved series across all ages nabbing 47 percent of the total sample size. Keep in mind that the study only included shows that traditionally air on broadcast TV so streaming platforms' offerings were not included. The nerdy sitcom is followed by Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, NCIS (and spinoffs) and The Voice. Meanwhile, Modern Family, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, The Good Doctor and Dancing with the Stars round out the top 10 slots.

The Good Doctor

Interestingly, nine out of the top 10 shows have been on the air for more than seven years. Only ABC's American adaptation of the South Korean medical drama starring Freddie Highmore, The Good Doctor, is new with just two seasons under its belt. Given the ranking takes into consideration the appeal of shows across all demographics, it's curious why family-oriented shows like NBC's This Is Us and CBS' Young Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory's prequel spinoff) didn't make the cut. Instead, long-running police procedurals like Criminal Minds, Law &  Order: SVU and the NCIS franchise, which usually tackle sensitive issues, nab the second, third and fourth spots on the list. Making the three aforementioned shows' ranking more impressive is the fact that all of them have gone through significant cast changes over the last few years, meaning that viewers tune in for the weekly cases they each take on more than its characters.

With a handful of episodes left before the show officially bows out, CBS is pulling out all the stops to ensure it will be able to craft a satisfying send-off to the beloved sitcom. The Big Bang Theory is currently on its winter break after having just aired its fall finale which was a special crossover episode with Young Sheldon. Considering its loyal fan base, one would wonder if there are plans for any other offshoots in the future, especially when it seems like all the cast members other than Parsons are open to reprising their roles moving forward.

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Source: Uniting Generations

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