• Big Bang Theory: 10 Storylines That Have Aged Poorly

    With The Big Bang Theory finally coming to a close in 2019 after 12 seasons, fans have nothing else better to do than to rewatch all the episodes and look back on older moments. Starting off in 2007, we were introduced to roommates Sheldon and Leonard, their neighbor Penny, and friends Raj and Howard. Together, this group became more like each other's families than close neighbors and colleagues. The funny thing about TV (and media, in general) is that the entertainment industry is constantly changing. What was funny or popular back in 2007 won't get the same reaction in 2019, and that's exactly what happened to a few storylines in The Big Bang Theory.

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    While many viewers of Big Bang adored the show and the storylines these characters told, there was also a huge following who despised the show. Thinking Big Bang portrayed an inaccurate perception of "nerd culture," many were upset that writers were making a show based on stereotypes. Nevertheless, these 10 moments are just some of the storylines that haven't aged gracefully in recent years.

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    The New Neighbor Who Uses The Guys

    In the second season, Penny and the gang have only gotten closer. This is proven through the way Penny takes things from Leonard and Co. without any objections. This is put to a halt when a new pretty girl moves in upstairs. Once the new neighbor, Alicia, sets her eyes on how "desperate" Leonard, Howard, and Raj are to help her, she takes advantage of their kindness.

    Penny, of course, got jealous that the boys were no longer catering to her and began to see the bigger picture. While it was a stepping stone for Penny becoming a nicer person, many fans were upset that the show depicted so many women using the guys time and time again, simply because they were "geeks."

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    When Raj Wanted Penny To Be His Arm Candy

    There's nothing wrong with wanting an attractive date to show off to people at a large, upscale event, but Raj took it too far. After he won an award was invited to a People Magazine party, no one wanted to go along with him because of his new, cocky attitude. Feeling empathetic towards Raj, Penny decides to join Raj to his event.

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    Where fans got annoyed was when Raj showed up drunk to pick Penny up and disapproved of her outfit; hoping for something that showed off more skin... To make matters even more disturbing is how he thought the possibility of a hookup was still the case after the night was over. Oh, Raj. Just because a girl agrees to be your date doesn't mean you get to dictate her outfit and post-date activities.

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  • 8 / 10
    When Howard And Raj Spy On The 'America's Next Top Model' House

    In the episode, "The Panty Piñata Polarization," Penny introduces Howard and Raj to a little show called America's Next Top Model. Here, Howard and Raj are shocked that these beautiful wannabe models are all living under the same roof somewhere in LA.

    Hoping for the chance to meet any of the models, Howard hacks into a satellite to find the house. If that doesn't sound like a serial killer movie to you yet, it's about to get worse. Howard and Raj eventually found the address of the girls' house and dressed up as cable guys and were allowed in the home... The episode concluded with them awestruck, following the pretty models down the hallway...  Stalking, impersonating a cable man, hacking into NASA's satellite, perverted behavior — need I say more?

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    Penny Being A Bully In High School (And As An Adult)
    Big Bang Theory Penny killer gorilla

    In the fifth season, Leonard goes head to head with his bully from high school. After hearing Leonard's story, it was clear now was the time for him to stand up against the man who made his younger years so horrible. In a similar event, the girls find out that Penny was actually the bully when she was in high school.

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    Seeing Penny laugh at the fact that she used to bully girls based on their social rank in high school was sad for fans to see — especially for her friends Bernadette and Amy. Obviously, Penny does realize her wrongdoings and tries to make up for it but sometimes what's done is done.

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    Raj & Howard Being Disturbed At The Thought Of Them Being In Love With Each Other

    There were longstanding rumors at the idea of Raj and Howard maybe being in love with one another. Raj seemed to be forever single, and Howard was always way closer with Raj than any of the girls he chased. Not to mention the fact that Raj seemed to be jealous any time Howard spent more attention on girls than on him.

    The writers of the show incorporated a few digs at the idea of these two being a pair, and when they did, the thought was too outrageous and disturbing for them to even consider. Should the idea of two BFFs being closer than friends really make a person want to gag?

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  • 5 / 10
    The Racist Outlook On Raj's Life
    Raj Koothrappali and Cinnamon in The Big Bang Theory

    Haters of Big Bang Theory are quick to note all of the stereotypes in the show. From geek terminology to nerdy concepts to racism — The Big Bang Theory did have a few red flags.

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    One of those red flags that didn't sit well with many was the stereotypical nature of Indian culture. From Raj's accent to his wealthy parents to arranged marriages to being bossed around by family members — many thought it was unjust to give Raj this background just because of his nationality.

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    Howard Paying For Romance

    In the first season in an episode titled "The Dumpling Paradox," Penny's "friend" from Nebraska comes to LA and decides to crash with her for a few days. After hearing that she's easy to please, Howard goes in for the kill to try and seduce Christy. His efforts succeeded because he did eventually get Christy into Penny's bed, which forced Penny to sleep on Leonard and Sheldon's couch. Sadly, after Howard and Christy slept together, she seemed to only want more from Howard after he promised her a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive.

    Did Howard have the money? No! He just wanted to spend the day with a beautiful girl. This, of course, played into the stereotype of pretty girls only "using" nerdy men for material gain, which was upsetting.

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    ...And All Of Howard's Pickup Lines

    It would take an entire article to breakdown all of Howard's pickup lines. Before he fell in love and married Bernadette, Howard tried his hardest to sleep with any woman who looked his way. Knowing that he wasn't the tallest or most good looking, he used his charm.

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    Did it work? Eh, sometimes. But most of his pickup lines were predatory in nature and nothing a lady would want to hear from a man they've never met. "Baby you must be made of mica rock, because you have a perfect cleavage" and "Baby you turn my floppy disk into a hard drive" are just a few of the things no woman wants to hear from a strange man...

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    Amy Being Jealous Of Literally Any Woman That Speaks To Sheldon
    Amy Farrah Fowler and Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

    A large problem we have in our world today is women bringing down other women. The reason why so many men bring down women is because they think it's okay to do so since other women bring down women. It's a vicious cycle, and yet, Queen Ammy Farrah Fowler played into this. Any time a woman got too close to Sheldon or simply sent him an email, she became insanely jealous. She even asked Penny and Bernadette to keep an eye on him when she went to Princeton for the summer.

    I know Amy and Sheldon broke up for a brief time and she was sensitive due to that, but she should have the most confidence in her relationship considering Sheldon didn't even talk to other people. And on that note, if Sheldon did have a transgression with another woman, she should have that discussion with Sheldon — not the woman.

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    Hitting On The FBI Agent

    Actress Eliza Dushku played FBI agent Angela Page. In "The Apology Insufficiency," Page was investigating close friends and colleagues of Howard Wolowitz for a potential space mission. If all the interviews were passed with flying colors, Howard was in for the job. As many fans know, however, Raj, Leonard, and Sheldon totally bombed.

    While Sheldon was classic Sheldon and gave Miss. Page his honest views on Howard, Raj couldn't even speak to her without shoving rum cake in his mouth and Leonard tried his darndest to hit on her! I repeat, he hit on a federal agent during a very important interview. This moment upset many, stating women need to be respected in the workplace.

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