CBS Open To Another Big Bang Theory Spinoff

The Big Bang Theory Young Sheldon Crossover

CBS is game for another The Big Bang Theory spinoff as the long-running sitcom gears up to end its 12-season run in a few months. Debuting in 2007, the show has continuously performed in terms of viewership ratings, so it's no wonder the network isn't opposed to expanding the franchise created by Chuck Lorre.

The Big Bang Theory already has one prequel spinoff in Young Sheldon, which tackles the early years of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) in Galveston, Texas with his oddly charming family. The shows air back-to-back, giving CBS a formidable Thursday night lineup. But with the parent show only having nine more episodes left before it officially bows out, the network has a limited amount of time to find a brand new series to fill the programming void that The Big Bang Theory will leave.

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Deadline caught up with CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl during the winter TCA press tour where he was asked about their plans post-The Big Bang Theory, including the possibility of launching another spinoff. Kahl said that as of now, things are still uncertain, but they are open to a brand new offshoot in case Lorre comes up with an idea.

"That [decision] won’t be made until May when we are doing our scheduling meetings. We are gratified to have a show doing as well as Young Sheldon but there are never any guarantees about time periods or where things are going to end up on the schedule. ... Nothing formal. The ball is squarely in their court. If they want to talk to us about it, we are here to listen."

Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory Sheldon

Kahl's answer doesn't come as a surprise for many since they were already planning on ordering The Big Bang Theory season 13 as he revealed during a panel at the TCA summer press tour last August. It was only a couple weeks after that it was announced the show is wrapping up after 12 years, and while the reason for the cancelation has yet to be clarified, reports say it was mainly due to Parsons' reluctance to return after this year. In a more recent interview, the actor explained that it simply felt like the right time to walk away from the series since it seems like they've done everything they want in the show.

Whether or not The Big Bang Theory gets a brand new spinoff remains to be seen. Aside from Parsons, the rest of the cast looks like they're still willing to reprise their respective roles so it wouldn't be that difficult cajoling some of them to star in their own offshoot. Unlike Young Sheldon, which is a prequel, the brand new spinoff can be in a contemporary setting following the lives of the remaining characters after their adventures in Pasadena. This way, CBS can fully tap into the massive fanbase of the long-running sitcom. It's no secret that a large chunk of The Big Bang Theory fans aren't exactly fans of Young Sheldon considering it rewrites the canon that has been established in its parent series.

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The Big Bang Theory season 12 and Young Sheldon season 2 air Thursday nights on CBS.

Source: Deadline

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