Big Bang Theory: 20 Things Wrong With Sheldon We All Choose To Ignore

Turns out that even the smartest people in the world are not smart all the time. In fact, they're human just like the rest of us. They put their pants on one leg at a time. Of course, that doesn't include Sheldon Cooper. He really is the smartest. Just ask him, he'll tell you. However, his friends seem to overlook his many flaws. To be fair, they're not the only ones.

It's safe to say The Big Bang Theory is nothing without Sheldon. In fact, he's the heart, soul, and brain of the show. At least according to Sheldon. He has a very high IQ and is an expert in many fields, such as physics, chemistry, and DC Comics. On the other hand, he lacks social skills and basic human qualities. He can be mean and rude to his friends. As a matter of fact, he's often a very bad friend. At the same time, he does show he can be kind and caring.

Regardless, he acts as if he's the center of the universe. Indeed, he's like an alien trying to be human but failing at it. His friends put up with a lot from him but accept him for who he is. Fans are the same way. In fact, they accept all of his annoying traits as well. He might be the smartest but isn't perfect. Just don't tell him that. It's time to take a closer look at Sheldon and his high IQ.

Here are 20 Things Wrong With Sheldon We Choose To Ignore.

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Sheldon Cooper's Parking Spot in The Big Bang Theory
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Sheldon Cooper's Parking Spot in The Big Bang Theory

In season 6, Howard achieves a dream of becoming an astronaut. In fact, he even travels to the International Space Station. Sheldon's often jealous of his friend's success. However, he's somewhat proud of Howard going to space. That's until Caltech treats Howard like he's big deal. Things get worse when they give Howard a new parking spot.

It just so happens that was Sheldon's parking spot. He's furious and demands the spot back despite not owning a car. As a matter of fact, he doesn't even drive. This leads to a huge fight including Amy and Bernadette. Oddly, Leonard's angry with both even though Sheldon really is the one that's wrong. He just couldn't let Howard have his spot and time in the spotlight.


Sheldon and Leonard in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon likes to be in charge and is very controlling. His friends must always watch the movies he wants to and eat the dinner he wants. In fact, he's very controlling of his roommate Leonard. Sheldon follows a schedule that he never changes. He even has a very strict bathroom schedule he follows.

Well, he's not the only one that has to follow it. He even has control over Leonard's bathroom schedule. He makes him follow the same routine as he does. Furthermore, it comes to a point where Leonard knows exactly what time Sheldon goes to the bathroom. He even knows his back up times if needed. However, it must feel good being on a regular schedule.


Priya Koothrappali and Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory

As noted, Sheldon's very controlling over Leonard. In fact, he even made him sign a roommate agreement. Sheldon often uses the contract to get his way. That's until Leonard's then-girlfriend and lawyer Priya tears it apart. Suddenly, Sheldon feel powerless and can't get his way. However, he soon comes up with an evil plan. One morning, he reveals a countdown on his laptop.

Both Leonard and Priya laugh it off. Until he reveals what happens when the countdown's over. Her parents will receive an email telling them about Leonard. She doesn't want her parents finding out so she forces Leonard to sign the new contract. Not only does he threaten to ruin his best friends relationship but also starts a fight between them.


When it comes to Sheldon two thing's are for certain. First, do not sit in his spot on the couch. Second, he does not like change. The second part actually relates to the first one. For example, every Thursday is pizza night. He's uncomfortable and furious when they eat anything else. However, he can't even handle minor changes.

He must always sit in the same spot in his apartment. He also won't let anyone else sit in it. In season 2, Penny mistakenly shoots his spot with a paintball gun. They turn the cushion over but Sheldon knows something isn't right. He can't even sit in his spot because the cushion's not the same. He can't deal with the slightest changes.


Penny driving Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

There's no doubt that Sheldon's very smart. However, there's also no doubt he's an awful driver. In fact, for the first few seasons, Sheldon doesn't drive. He doesn't have a driver's license or car. Therefore, he always demands one of his friends drive him.

That usually ends up being Leonard's job. However, Sheldon doesn't care when Leonard has to work nights. He still expects Leonard to drive him to work and back home. Later, his friends try to force him to learn but it's just a mess. Although, he does end up getting his license but is a terrible driver. In fact, his friends should just keep driving him.


It's no secret that Sheldon's also a germaphobe. It's not a secret because he lets everyone know. In addition, he's also very petty and vengeful. He has a three-strike system his friends must follow. Three strikes and you're out or you have to take his class. In season 2, he becomes furious when Penny touches his onion ring.

He's so angry that he even bans her from the apartment. Of course, she's not going to take that. She wages all-out war and vows revenge. It escalates until Sheldon throws her clothes out the window. Penny has no other choice but to tell on him. In fact, Sheldon's mother calls him up and yells at him.


Stuart, Raj and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

As noted, Sheldon's often not happy for his friend's success. He becomes jealous and feels he should get the recognition. As a matter of fact, he can't handle it when Raj has a great deal of success. In season 2, Raj makes People's 30 under 30 List. However, Sheldon and his friends are not very supportive. In fact, Sheldon's very jealous and can't even do a fake smile.

He doesn't understand why he has to pretend to be happy for Raj. He clearly believes Raj doesn't deserve the success or happiness. To be fair, Raj lets it go to his head and tries to make a move on Penny. By the end, everyone's pretty much on Sheldon's side.


Tam and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon's childhood is the plot for the spin-off show Young Sheldon. It follows Sheldon's life starting at the age of 9 when he starts high school. As an adult, he often talks about his upbringing but fails to mention his best friend. As a child, his best friend was Tam. However, Sheldon never mentions Tam once in Big Bang.

In season 12, an adult Tam and Sheldon finally meet. Sheldon reveals he hasn't talked about Tam because he's holding a grudge against him. Sheldon's angry because Tam didn't come with him to Caltech and instead stayed in Texas. He fell in love so he decided to marry and start a family. Sheldon's furious that Tam made that choice.


Sheldon's proud of his work in physics and other areas. However, he looks down on other sciences, namely geology. In fact, he has no respect for geologist Bert. They both work at Caltech but Sheldon thinks little of his work. He demeans and mocks his job.

He's jealous and furious when Bert wins a big award with grant money. Regardless, Sheldon later works with Bert on a project. Although, Sheldon's ashamed to be working with him so he keeps it a secret. He worries it'll hurt his reputation. He even treats Bert badly in public so nobody will know the truth. To be fair, he does regret his actions but its too late. Bert moves on with a new partner, Leonard.


The Big Bang Theory Sheldon

When Sheldon gets sick he expects the entire world to stop and focus on him. Indeed, a sick Sheldon's an even bigger baby than normal. As a child, his mother would make special soup and rub vapor rub on his chest. As an adult, he lives far from his mother in Texas. So he expects his friends to fill the role of his mother when he's sick.

In fact, he expects his friends to drop everything for him and take care of him. He even makes Penny rub vapor rub on his chest. He's so unbearable that Leonard, Howard, and Raj lie to avoid taking care of him. A healthy Sheldon's tough to deal with but a sick Sheldon's completely helpless.


Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon might be a genius but there are a lot of things that he doesn't understand. He often fails to understand basic human qualities. For instance, he's unable to detect sarcasm and irony. That's ironic considering he's very sarcastic. He rarely gets a joke and takes them literally.

Even when Howard dresses up like him for Halloween he doesn't get it. He often needs sarcasm spelled out for him. In fact, Leonard once had to literally write a sarcasm sign. There are even times he makes a joke but doesn't mean to. On the other hand, he often uses sarcasm himself. He also enjoys a good prank from time to time. He's much better at detecting sarcasm now.

9 people have RESTRAINING orders against HIM

Sheldon's had a few run-ins with famous celebs. However, most of the encounters end with a restraining order filed against Sheldon. In season 3, he has a chance to meet Stan Lee at the comic book store. However, he can't make it because he has to go to court.

It's Penny fault so she takes Sheldon to Stan Lee's house. Sheldon fails to understand Stan's sarcasm and enters his home. This results in Stan getting a restraining order against him. However, he's not the only one. In fact, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Carl Sagan, and Leonard Nimoy filed restraining orders against him as well. There's a good chance those won't be the last ones.


Sheldon Dancing in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon's often over dramatic in most situations. For instance, he once called the police to report a robbery. He failed to mention it was an online robbery. In season 4, Sheldon's World of Warcraft account's hacked. In fact, he calls the police to report the items as stolen.

A cop even comes to his place but soon realizes the trip wasn't worth it. Sheldon then makes it his mission to get the items back. He even makes his friends help him although they're pretty willing. Of course, they fail in their mission. They turn to Penny and she easily gets the items back. Clearly, Sheldon overreacts from time to time as well.


Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon has a high IQ and loves to tell people about it. On the other hand, he's also very insecure and easily falls to pieces. In season 1, he meets a 15-year old prodigy, Dennis Kim. Sheldon feels threatened and annoyed by him. The funny part is Dennis is similar to Sheldon. He mocks his work and puts him down like Sheldon does.

Sheldon soon loses direction and annoys his friends. Leonard and the guys then try to ruin Dennis. In fact, they're successful when he throws it all away for a girl. Dennis might not be a prodigy anymore but he can do one more thing the guys can't. He can talk to a girl.


Sheldon Cooper and Penny laugh in The Big Bang Theory

Penny isn't like the rest of the gang. She's not as book smart but certainly has more street smarts. As a matter of fact, she knows more about being a man than the guys do. However, Sheldon looks down on her for not being as smart as him. Although, she knows a lot of stuff he doesn't.

Regardless, he mocks her and puts her down. He assumes she doesn't know the simplest facts. When he first meets Penny she's an aspiring actress. He routinely mocks her career choice and doubts she can succeed. He's very mean and rude to her. To be fair, she's given it back to Sheldon and mocks him when she can. Later, they become good friends.


Sheldon often likes order and schedules. He likes everything to stay the same as it makes him feel comfortable. He often turns to science to explain matters he can't. However, he's also irrational and illogical. For example, he's deathly afraid of birds, dogs, and butterflies. It's not just big scary dogs he's afraid of.

He's afraid of tiny and harmless little puppies. Although nothing freaks him out like a bird. In fact, he makes Amy check for birds before coming out on the roof. He's pretty much afraid of anything that's harmless and innocent.


The Big Bang Theory Sheldon

Howard's the only one besides Penny not to have a Ph.D. Sheldon often reminds Howard of that very fact. Unlike the other three, Howard's an engineer. Sheldon has very little respect for Howard and his job. He also insults Howard for being a magician and his love of magic.

Even when Howard's not around Sheldon mocks him. For instance, he once told smart physics jokes to Leonard and Raj because Howard wasn't there. He rarely compliments Howard or his work. When he does say something nice it's because Amy or Leonard forced him too. Although, he gains a little respect for Howard when he goes to space.

3 he is self-centered

Sheldon has the uncanny ability to make everything about him. When Bernadette gives birth all Sheldon can worry about are the germs in the hospital. This even happens when his friends need advice.

For example, Leonard reads Penny's history paper behind her back. He goes to Sheldon for advice. However, Sheldon's sad because Stephen Hawking stopped playing a game with him. Leonard needs some real advice but Sheldon just talks about his problem. Leonard tries to compromise and gives advice first. Regardless, when it's his turn Sheldon goes back to his problem. In the end, he doesn't even help Leonard.


The Big Bang Theory Roommate Agreement

Sheldon and Leonard are more than just roommates. Indeed, they're best friends. However, Sheldon's lost without Leonard taking care of him. Regardless, Sheldon's mean and rude to Leonard all the time. He forces him to follow ridiculous rules, such as no whistling allowed. Sheldon becomes furious if Leonard makes the slightest mistake. He also demands Leonard put Sheldon's needs first. In addition, he doesn't respect boundaries.

For instance, he interrupts Leonard with a girl many times in the show. He's rarely a good friend to Leonard. Even when Leonard's having a tough time Sheldon seems not to care. If Sheldon has a problem it's always more important than Leonard's. On the other hand, Sheldon does try to be a better friend to Leonard. He's just really bad at it.


Big Bang Theory Amy Sings Soft Kitty

Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler is an adorable and bizarre couple. They're perfect for each other. Nonetheless, Sheldon can be mean to her and treats her badly at times. She's always trying to get his attention emotionally and physically.

He struggles to be a good boyfriend to her. For instance, Wil Wheaton was once rude to Amy. Instead of sticking up for his girlfriend, Sheldon took Wil's side. Eventually, he does stand up for her. He's also rude to her co-workers when he meets them. He doesn't understand why they want to talk about Amy's success and not his. There's also the time he invited Raj to their anniversary dinner. To be fair, he's getting better at treating her right.


Are there any other things wrong with Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory? Let us know in the comments!

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